How to Choose the Right Oil Filter for Your Car?

For the smooth functioning of a car or any automobile, oil filters play a major role. A poor-quality oil filter is not good for the engine and creates various issues in the functioning of a vehicle. It’s always good to buy an oil filter from to get the best at feasible prices. Apart from this, if you are the one who doesn’t know much about choosing the right oil filter then this article is for you. In this post, we are giving all the important details regarding the oil filter and how to choose it.

How to Choose the Right Oil Filter for Your Car?

# Role of an oil filter :

The engine oil keeps the engine running for a longer period of time and the oil filter keeps all the contaminants away from the engine that are collected over time. In the oil filter, when the oil enters through the base plate’s holes then the dirty oil passes through the filter and is cleaned. Moreover, an oil filter also gives protection to the components of an engine. It cleans the oil and also traps the metal pieces in the engine so that they don’t cause any type of damage to the engine. 

# Types of oil filters :

There are various types of oil filters available in the market and you can also look for an oil filter from boodmo as per your needs. Besides, the list of types of oil filters are as follows:

  1.   Cartridge: This type of filter is less untidy to change and had a drain plug in the canister.
  2.   Spin-on filters: Spin-on filters have a full flow filtering system that was not present in cartridge filters.
  3.   Mechanical oil filter: These filters have an element made of cotton waste filter paper for catching the contaminants.
  4. Sedimentation filters: Under the influence of gravity, this filter lets the contaminants settle at the bottommost part of the container.
  5.     Magnetic oil filters: In this filter, a permanent magnet is present for catching the ferromagnetic particles and can be easily maintained.
  6.   High-efficiency filters: These filters have a 3MM pore size for reducing engine tear and are well known for extending the oil drain intervals.

# Tips to choose the right oil filter for your car :

Before buying an oil filter you must know which sort of filter is best suited for your car and will perform well as per your driving conditions. Moreover, some tips for choosing the right oil filter for your car are as follows:

  1.   Look for the perfect fit oil filter –

You should always buy the size of an oil filter according to the size of the engine. Moreover, you will see the design cues of the filter differs as per the specifications of the manufacturer. So, before purchasing it you must do proper research on the size as well as the design elements so that it suits best for the engine of your car.

  1.   Material –

There are many types of oil filters based on material. The material includes steel, synthetic, and paper, and it determines the efficiency and capacity of a filter. It also dictates how long the filter can survive after servicing. Thus, look for the oil filters that can hold up to high temperatures and shock-loading repeatedly.

  1.   Focus on price –

In the market, oil filters are available in different price ranges and you can purchase a high-quality oil filter from boodmo as per your budget. You can compare the product from other products which are priced differently and then make the decision. However, the price of the oil filter mainly depends on the manufacturer’s brand it is associated with.

  1.   Micron Rating –

The ability of the filter for removing various particles of small size is referred to as micron rating. An oil filter that has a rating of 10 microns can block particles that measure 10 microns or above. So, it is always good to choose a filter that caters to the tiniest micron size possible.

  1.   Follow recommendations of the manufacturer –

While buying an oil filter it’s good to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer as given in the guide. Some people think that if they are buying a bigger filter then it might be a better oil filter just because it fits well into the engine of your vehicle. But it is not so, as it may have another type of filter media and bypass valve rating as compared to the precise filter.

# Final Words :

For purchasing oil filters, you need to choose the best providers and have a basic understanding of them. Buying an oil filter from boodmo is a good decision as you will get 100% genuine products in different specifications. So, follow the tips given above in the post and choose the best oil filter for your car.

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