How to Choose a Jackpot Casino in India

How to Choose a Jackpot Casino in India

The ratings of Indian casinos take into account not only the characteristics of slot machines and bonus program options. Experts pay special attention to jackpots. In reputable gambling establishments, there are several ways to hit the jackpot of 1,000,000 Indian rupees.

What you need to know about jackpots in casinos in India

Every registered customer at an Indian online casino is eligible for the jackpot draw. The amount of the prize amount depends on the format of the bonus event. It can be either 100,000 INR or 1,000,000 INR.

One of the features of Indian casinos is that you don’t need a huge budget to fight for large prize money. For example, it is useless to enter European gambling establishments even with an amount of 1000 EUR. At Indian casinos, 100 INR can be enough for a player to become a millionaire.

Jackpots are not part of the bonus program. If the user managed to win a large amount, he will not have to wager it back. The money goes to the account balance. You can withdraw big money in online casinos in India to bank cards, electronic wallets.

How to win the jackpot in slot machines

There are two ways to compete for a seven-figure win in slots:

  • Jackpot machines. On the showcase of Indian online casinos there are special progressive video slots. These are models in which the user will be able to compete for a win of more than 10,000,000 INR. Slots reset the counter on average 2-3 times a year.
  • Tournament events. Every week, casinos in India launch competitions. In these events, players will be able to compete for payouts ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 500,000. It all depends not only on luck, but also on the tactics of the player. More than 200 contenders participate in the race for the jackpot at the same time.

In progressive devices, the result is determined by a random number generator. A user can deposit 10,000 INR and not catch a single winning round. At the same time, some beginners from the first bet of 10 INR manage to catch a wheel of fortune and reach a multi-million dollar payout.

Progressive slots are suitable for high rollers, for players on a budget, and for those who want to tickle their nerves. Otherwise, playing for money in these devices in most cases leads to failure.

In tournaments, the opposite is true. The announcement of the event is available in advance. A club visitor can practice, study the characteristics of slots and choose the best strategy for themselves.

Tactics depend on the rules of the competition. In tournaments, credit points are awarded according to different principles:

  • For the coefficient received on the winning bet. The x1000 multiplier means that the gambler receives 1000 points. You can catch such a multiplication even on a bet of 5 INR. You don’t need a big budget to fight for the jackpot.
  • For the number of winning rounds. A competitor can make small bets and win 5-6 times in a row. The easiest way to catch winnings is in machines with low volatility.
  • For the number of free spins. In some tournaments, points are awarded for the number of free spins that the player managed to catch in the bonus round.

By the end of the week, the results are counted. The main part of the prize fund is received by the top three winners. Along with this, reputable online casinos in India give out material gifts. The leaders of the table receive a new iPhone, MacBook or iPad.

How to win the jackpot from the bonus

When there is a financial reserve, it is easier to fight for large prize money. The player has room to maneuver. In addition, it is psychologically easier to play with a large deposit. The gambler does not have to constantly think that the money is about to run out.

It is not necessary to spend thousands of Indian rupees. Licensed casinos have bonuses that are transferred to a special virtual wallet. In the prize system, you can find several interesting options:

  • Gifts from the welcome package. Each casino has a powerful promotion program aimed at newcomers. After registration, the user will be able to receive even a no deposit bonus. A few hundred rupees will fall into the virtual wallet.
  • Bonuses at the end of the week. Once a week, gamblers in casinos in India will again be able to activate a deposit gift. Additionally, a promotional code is issued for free spins and cashback. When the week ended in a negative balance, the administration is ready to return part of the funds.
  • Promotions from social networks. All casinos in India are promoted through Telegram. Users will have the opportunity to join the official community and receive promotional codes for FS every 3-4 days.

To compete for the jackpot, the gambler needs to go practically all-in. Thanks to this, the chance to catch a multiplier of more than x1000 and hit a million increases.

How to find an honest casino from India

Finding an honest casino is not easy even in India. The local gambling market is still in its infancy. All clubs lie in full view and it is extremely difficult to deceive a player. But even here there are scammers who fool even professionals around their fingers.

You can search for licensed casinos in India with jackpots in the following ways:

  • Through independent ratings. In calculation it is recommended to take several rating selections at once. If the selected club is in the top 10 in each, then the gambling establishment can be trusted.
  • Through a license. The official online casinos in India are licensed by the regulators of Curacao and Malta. You can check the certificate using the validator, the link to which is located at the bottom of the main page.
  • Through player feedback. The comments of gamblers should be treated with extreme caution. Some reviews are bought, and therefore the user may simply receive information that does not correspond to reality.

In an honest Indian casino, new customers are always welcome. For beginners, exclusive solutions are offered:

  • Bonuses from the welcome package. Gifts, as a rule, are issued not only for the first deposit. Similar prizes can be obtained for the second and third deposits.
  • Wagers for bonuses are not increased. The player can take a promo code for 100 free spins. The stake wagering will not exceed x50.
  • Users will be able to install the mobile application. The original online casinos in India do not skimp on creating their own software. Club clients will be able to install applications on iOS and Android.

It is not necessary to choose a gambling club based on the jackpot. Newer casinos cannot offer large prize pools. In return, players are offered a loyalty program. Active visitors receive activity bonuses and increase the probability of winning combinations in slots.

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