How to Be Rich by Passive Real Estate Investment In 2022

How to Be Rich by Passive Real Estate Investment In 2022

Ask any investor what the most reliable and intelligent way to build wealth is, and chances are that real estate investment is on the list. In fact, millions of people in Egypt and around the world. We have millions of people in Egypt and around the world who have increased their wealth and diversified their portfolios through real estate investments (which have proven to be relatively recession-proof in the past).

However, due to the time constraints, many people face in their professional, family, and social lives, the average person has little time to find a good property, arrange to finance with a lender, hire a tenant or make repairs.

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Passive versus active real estate investment

When you think of a real estate investor, you probably think of someone who owns a rental property, manages the tenants, collects the rent, and requires maintenance.

In contrast, a passive real estate investment means that the investor does not work at all. When you buy Apple shares, you are not automatically working for Apple. Shares are passive investments. You can buy real estate in the same way. So active investing means that you actively work on your investment. Passive investing means that you provide capital but do little work other than looking for suitable opportunities.

Today, passive investing is as simple as joining a property syndicate. A property syndicate is a group of property investors who work together to acquire more valuable properties than they could individually. Either one person buys alone, or passive investors can join together to form a syndicate, with each sharing proportionately in the profits.

Now is an exceptional opportunity to invest in the Egyptian market. The Downtown Mall project was designed by Archrete, a company known for designing more than 30 projects in the administrative capital.

In addition, Eight development offers two different sizes of commercial and administrative units so that investors can choose the most suitable unit for their project. Similarly, the important location of the Downtown Mall, the service blocks, and the many central streets are among the major attractions for visitors in the area. In particular, the new Downtown Mall New Capital Project has a unique landscape that is visible from all directions, with extensive green spaces to explore.

The building was constructed using the latest mass damping technology, which was also used in the construction of the Burj Khalifa, to protect the building from vibrations and earthquakes. The latest technology is also used to monitor and detect anomalies in the building, with sensors linked to the main control center to speed up maintenance work and make it more efficient.

And there is another great project in new capital Egypt

For Taj Misr Real Estate Development name is Taj Tower New Capital

CBD Central Business District

  • The Central Business District covers an area of ​​195 acres.
  • It is located near the government district and the Green River.
  • It is surrounded on the north and south by Central Park Central Park.
  • It is also located near residential neighborhoods.

Advantages of investing in CBD New Capital

  • Its proximity to the most important main axes, such as the northern axis of Bin Zayed, the axis of hope, the regional ring.
  • Close to Monorail Central Station.
  • And the Green River, which is the closest area to the iconic tower, the tallest tower in Africa.
  • Therefore, it is considered the most important tourist attraction in the Middle East.
  • It is also a year-round tourist attraction.
  • The Central Business District serves several high-density residential areas with a population of 100,000 people such as R2 and R3, R5 and R6.
  • The central business district is an area that has already been built on the ground and is very close to the government district and the ministries.

Central Business District Services

  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • social Club.
  • international hospitals.
  • schools.
  • Sports club.
  • Commercial and administrative centers.
  • Cultural center.

Landmarks of the CBD New Capital District

  • The iconic tower is the tallest tower in Egypt and Africa, with a height of 385 meters and consisting of 80 floors.
  • The Green River is the longest green axis in the world, with a length of 35 km and an area of ​​1,000 acres.
  • Central Park is the world’s largest central park located within the Green River and is two and a half times the size of New York’s Central Park.
  • The towers area of ​​the administrative capital, which includes 20 towers at a height of 44 floors for each tower.
  • The monorail project is one of the most important transportation projects in the administrative capital, which is a link between west and east Cairo, and will also link the city of Galala and Alamein from the administrative capital in just 150 minutes.

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