How Churches Can Attract More Attendees

Many churches find that some of their most faithful attendees stop coming after a while. Some churches experience few people showing up in the first place. For those running the church, these circumstances are disheartening, especially if they put a lot of effort into making the church as fun and accessible as possible. Luckily, even the quietest churches can turn things around with a few minor changes. Here is how.

Understand the Community’s Needs

The first question to ask yourself is, “can everyone who wants to attend the church attend?”. Think about the particular community’s needs. For example, some people might require wheelchair access, whereas others might not be able to attend due to a disability or where they live. However, those circumstances should not prevent them from being a part of the service – not when you provide accessibility options for everyone in the community.

Your service on the weekends can be live-streamed to attract more attendees. How it works is simple – you set up a camera, click start the stream on your chosen platform, and then allow everyone – no matter where they are – to enjoy the Sunday service. Doing so will surely increase the number of attendees, as those who had previously struggled to physically attend church will suddenly find that they can attend after all. The chances are you’ll see some new and old faces checking in online!

Make the Church Visible Online

Most people search for businesses before shopping there. The same is true of churches. If a person moves to a new area, the chances are they will look online for local churches before deciding which one to join. Make sure yours is at the top of their list by making your church visible on Google and social media! Creating a welcoming church website and social media pages for the church ensures more people can find you.

Host Community Events

Community members are often looking for nearby, fun events to attend. As a church, you can make the most of that enjoyment by hosting exciting community events! Events involving music, food, and general entertainment are sure to do well. Not only will it draw people in for the event day, but being at the church will likely convince some people to attend again. It’s a great way of creating a bigger, closer community.

Make the Church Friendly and Inviting

Have you found that many people who attend fail to return in the future? If so, it might be because the church isn’t as friendly and inviting as it could be. Don’t worry, as there are several ways to rectify that, such as adding beautiful decorations, talking to more attendees, and smiling a lot! Even a simple “hello, how are you?” can make a world of difference in making a person feel welcome. If people feel like they belong, they are more likely to return.

Openly Invite People to Attend

Some people need a little encouragement! Lastly, to encourage more people to attend your church, openly invite them through a physical invitation or word of mouth. It is that simple. Don’t just don’t it yourself, either – get your regular church-goers to spread the word, too. This is especially good for getting people that were previously on the fence on board, as it tells them that they’re more than welcome and that they’ll be met with open arms.

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