How Can I Get People To Spend More Time On My Website?

How Can I Get People To Spend More Time On My Website?

When it comes to your website, one of the hardest parts can be getting people to visit it in the first place. But even if you do go to great lengths to attract new business with a quality SEO campaign, how can you ensure that the traffic actually sticks around with a higher chance at converting into business?

If you are struggling to keep people on your website and engaging with your content, read on for some actionable tips…

1. Work on your design

The overall aesthetic feel of your website is important. While it certainly isn’t the be all and end all, if your design isn’t serving you, you’ll be missing out on a lot of business.

Your images should be high-quality as well; meaningful and appealing, otherwise why bother? Images are an essential part of most websites, but they can be as big of a hindrance as a help if they are not optimised accordingly.

Large, uncompressed files can slow down your page speed and encourage visitors to leave before they’ve even had a chance to read your headline.

Invest in a beautiful design with an intuitive UX and you’ll have a much easier time of keeping people around for a little longer.

2. Use clever internal linking

You should use internal linking wherever possible to naturally lead your website visitors from one page to another. This is great for not only taking people to the information they need, but also introducing them to certain info or products/services they never knew they needed in the first place.

Intuitive internal linking is critical both for the overall UX and it can also help your SEO as well.

Just be sure that you link relevant pages only, otherwise you risk annoying customers and algorithms alike.

3. Only use the best content

It can be tempting to use low-cost bulk content, but that is a sure-fire way to lose the interest of your visitors. People want to read exciting and engaging content that pops out on the page. If you invest in low quality you’re going to get a drab and dull copy that is only good for encouraging readers to roll their eyes rather than head over to the checkout.

If you are struggling to create the right content or aren’t sure what it should look like, a top digital marketing agency in Dubai can help.

Investing in the experts is always far more impactful than skimping on content and filling in the gaps without intention.

4. Target those looking to leave

When your visitors leave, as they all eventually do, you can try one last time to capture their interest, gain a lead, or move them into your marketing funnel.

For example: offer a free, high-value eBook in exchange for their email and filter them into a weekly newsletter. Or, if someone has items in their cart and exits the website, you can have a popup offer them a discount if they purchase today, and so on.

5. Study your analytics

Of course, the easiest way to get people to spend more time on your website is to first determine why they are not. Using Google analytics, you can look at which users are spending the most time on which pages, which can help you figure out what content works and what could use some work.

Big data can provide invaluable actionable insights and when put into practice, the results can be awesome!

Final thoughts

The longer a visitor remains on your website the better. Whether you make a sale, gain a lead or simply increase your brand awareness, enticing customers to stay is very much in your best interests. If you are looking for more advice and information on how to make this happen, why not consult a digital marketing firm and see how they can help you take your website to the next level?

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