How are Online Slots Regulated?

Everything needs some sort of regulation to maintain standards and it doesn’t matter whether it is the food industry or the gambling industry, the public needs to have some sort of body to protect them.

If you are a long-term gambler and you can cast your mind back to the beginning of the online casino revolution, then this is a good example of why things cannot be allowed to become a free for all. Back in the 1990s, online deposit by phone bill casino UK sites were all the rage, and they are still booming, even today.

The big difference is that the early days of online casinos were unregulated ones and rogue traders flourished in this climate to the detriment of the gambling public. Players were not paid their winnings and games were not tested for fairness either.

An Even Playing Field 

Today the gambling environment is a much fairer one and this is all down to the formation of professional bodies and gambling acts that also have the safety of gamblers in mind. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission is the main body that oversees everything to do with gambling. Set up in September 2007, this organization is responsible for licensing and regulating all forms of gambling, including all online gambling activities as well. 

Slot sites must meet the high standards set out by the commission and only when certain criteria are met, can a slot site legally operate in the UK. The games provided must also be tested by third parties and player funds must be kept in a separate account, protecting them should the casino fail to remain in business. These are just a few of the rules that must be met by potential online slot casino brands here in the UK. 

Other Regulators 

Most countries have passed some sort of gambling act that is designed to protect players and to license slot sites. The popularity of online slots has forced some countries such as Ireland to update gambling laws that did not reflect the world of virtual betting. New Zealand has its own gambling commission as well, but they also make sure that profits from gambling are ploughed back into communities. 

The other main regulators of slot casinos are the Malta Gaming Authority that was established in 2001 and its role is like that of the UK Gambling Commission. The MGA regulates various forms of gambling, and this is an especially important body because many gambling brands have their main operating offices in Malta. 

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is another major player in the regulation of slot sites and games. Again, they have similar responsibilities to the other commissions in that they are an independent and non-politicised body whose purpose is to maintain high standards and fairness within gambling products that fall within their jurisdiction. 

Final Thoughts 

Gambling commissions are far from perfect and can still do much more, but they have created a safer environment for all gamblers. The fact that they are willing to constantly change the gambling laws when needed in response to potential public safety concerns, should also be welcomed by the wider gambling public in general.

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