Helpful Tips to Choose a Perfect Play-to-earn Crypto Games

Play-to-earn games are highly popular because a key reason is that people can have fun as well as earn money. Play-to-earn games have a learning curve, but the effort is worth making. The games are interesting and payable.

A play-to-earn crypto game on the Joysticks Games platform is not just fun but allows the player to hold cryptocurrency benefits. Players can trade Joystick token with other non-fungible or fiat currencies. Some games even allow you to create NFTs and enhance the playing experience.

Tips to choose suitable play-to-earn crypto games

Players are given a chance to be committed to assignment, creative, and even create avatars. However, there seem to be dozens of crypto games available on the internet. Choosing makes it overwhelming, so here are some helpful tips to identify a suitable play-to-earn crypto game.

How to choose plat-to-earn games?

While choosing a game get answers to the following questions……

  • Is this game type interesting and fun? If it makes you feel bored then move to the next.
  • Is there an initial expense to start playing? If there is an upfront cost then find out if you can afford it or not.
  • Check if you can play first as a guest for free and try to understand game mechanics before financial commitment.
  • Understand how developers earn money from the game or players.
  • Understand game token economics.


Play-to-earn games need initial investment. For example, for playing Decentraland you will need to purchase MANA. Mana allows the player to become a virtual property agent and start flipping land parcels to earn profits.

The majority of crypto games use the Ethereum blockchain but the tokens used will depend on the gaming platform. You can convert money to Ether or Mana on a reliable crypto exchange.


Blockchain determines the operating efficiency. If the game is developed on Fantom Opera or Solana chain then the performance will be fast, better, and free from lagging.

The ecosystem

Play-to-earn games are designed with a specific ecosystem. Their efficiency and nature play a huge role. Best games offer an asset, which is used across. For example, the same asset is used to reward and buy within the environment.

Ensure the ecosystem is flawless and offers the best playing experience. The different parts need to be integrated seamlessly so that players can navigate with ease. The graphics must be ideal because the better the visuals the better the entire gaming experience.

The rewards/perks

Before you start playing consider the rewards offered. The rewards offered to differ from one game to another. There are in-game currencies and NFTs that can be exchanged into fiat currencies.

Players can even earn native currency depending on the platform. Coin Hunt World operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Users successfully solving the mysteries are rewarded with Ether or Bitcoin. Link your digital wallet to the gaming platform and store these cryptocurrency rewards.

Consider the cash-out process

Some NFTs are not easily sold, while in-game token valuation can massively fluctuate. Therefore before you financially commit understand how to use these earnings for real-world purposes.

Search the gaming platform for blockchain effectiveness, smart contracts employed, security features available, and transaction verification method used, before indulging.

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