Getting to Know Norms of Common Classes

It depends upon students also how far they are aware of the common norms of the classes and schools because kids don’t take any interest in knowing the norms and disciplinary codes of the schools. Every class at any school has its norms and rules to be followed by the students in order to maintain discipline and control in the school among the students. Sometimes students have to face punitive actions against them because they are not aware of some common norms of the school or classes and so they break the disciplinary codes of the school and classes and get punished. Usually, it is not so difficult to remember them or be attentive to the norms of the classes but sometimes unintentionally and sometimes intentionally under mischief students forget it.

Sometimes when students are unaware of the norms of the classes then they don’t take much interest in their studies. But these days schools are very much attentive to these things in students as earlier students were not aware of even ERP full form and now due to online learning, they are well aware of ERP full form and all its details. So, even if students are unaware of the norms of the school or classes then they should consult with a tutor or instructor about it. But still, let’s know about those norms which are common in almost every school.

Students should follow some common norms in every school such as they should come to the school days before the assigned time for reaching the school and should be punctual for that time to reach every day. Along with this, students should come well prepared and well organized to attend the classes, then only they will be able to learn properly. Students tend to learn happily due to the belongingness of their peers therefore students should always respect their peers and treat them equally with love and affection and should listen to them with the feeling of friendship instead of judging them. Students should also interact and meet school tutors with respect and should arrive in the class timely. It is the utmost duty of the students to participate in the class and various activities organized by the tutors in the class action and should prove themselves productive in the class. The Learning management system of most schools makes sure that students need to follow all types of instructions and norms of the school and classes don’t matter offline classes or online classes.

On the other hand, online learning takes a little different type of norms for the students as it is a little innovative method of learning for the students. Here norms, expectations, and instructions regarding online learning will be little changed than that of offline learning so let’s explore the norms of the online world also for the students also. During online lectures and classes, students are expected to have their laptop’s pr desktop’s camera turned on along with a microphone and should respond in audio or video method whenever they are called or asked about anything during the classes. When students have to ask anything then without making noise, they should raise their hand digitally with the help of a hand sign on the screen. The same thing will be repeated by the students during the lectures. If they have to ask anything without interrupting the tutor then they are expected to use a chat function and type their query there and the tutor will answer the query after completing the topic or when he or she will feel convenient. The learning management system makes sure that students should expect disciplined behavior even during the breaks. In the same way, LMS makes sure that the instructor or tutor should be present on the teaching link before the class starts to avoid waste of time. Students are expected to be prepared and well ready for receiving the content and teaching materials availed by the tutors.

Students are expected to start their learning in a quiet environment without any background extra noise which may create an interruption in the online classes and nobody of the family should roam unnecessarily in the range of the camera which can create distractions while students may take the class virtually on camera with tutors. If students follow the above enumerated common norms in school then also they will study comfortably.

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