Futuritics Business Ideas in 2022

Futuritics Business Ideas in 2022

In this article, we will go through the futuritics business ideas. We will miss ideas with the tech and offline life.

Streaming on Twitch

Video streaming is a big thing currently. During the pandemic, everyone wants to watch live videos where people not only play games but also show their lives in the live stream. Twitch is the biggest platform in this space. What will be the strategy? Buy Twitch live stream viewers, get a very clean schedule of streaming and stay consistent with the stream plan. At the same time, don’t forget to engage with the fans during the live streams.

Breeding carnivorous plants

An unusual direction for home crop production is the cultivation of carnivorous plants. Among the most popular predators are the sundew, venus flytrap, nepenthes, butterwort, and sarracenia. Each of these plants has its own characteristics and ways of hunting. 

For example, the Venus flytrap uses a trap formed from the marginal parts of the leaves and waits for prey by slightly opening the valves. As soon as the insect crawls inside and touches sensitive hairs, the “cage” will immediately slam shut, and the process of digestion will begin, which can drag on for several days, a week or even more. In Nepenthes, traps resemble pitchers, which attract insects by smell. But once inside, the victim can no longer get out. 

Basically, carnivorous plants require high humidity (it is better to grow them in florariums), regular watering and diffused light, without a lot of direct sunlight and shade. In room conditions, it is difficult to do without additional artificial lighting. With it, predators will grow better, and seeds will germinate faster. 

The choice of lamps and lighting largely depends on the region of cultivation and the amount of natural light. On average, if there is almost no natural light, they need to be illuminated for about 12 hours, in summer – about 3-6 hours. Cultivation of carnivorous plants, as in many other cases, is good to do in parallel with blogging about crop production, which increases the credibility of the seller.

Copywriting, writing

If you have literacy and the ability to work with texts, it is not difficult to become a copywriter, all that remains is to correctly present yourself and throw fishing rods in several places at once: on ad sites, by developing your own website, by posting information on several freelance exchanges. 

At first, you can work at home, and with more stable and higher earnings and a desire to change places, you can change your place of deployment. Another option is to go into free topics, create your own blog and write about what is interesting and what you want.

Making jewelry

Jewelry is the product that allows many women not only to express themselves perfectly, but also to earn money. An infinite number of combinations of materials and a creative approach to business in the complex give jewelry that is sold with a markup of 200-300%, although some entrepreneurs bring it up to 1000%. 

To sell your own products from scratch, it is recommended to use popular social networks like Instagram , as well as create a profile on sites selling handmade products like Etsy, Masters Fair and others. 

You can also trade through the marketplaces mentioned above. The reality now is that there are many ways to promote, so the main thing that your attention should be focused on is the originality and originality of the product itself.

Affiliate programs

Any person can earn in this way – the owner of the site, the community, the owner of the account (including personal) and even those who are not registered in social networks. The essence of earning lies in the fact that you place on your page information about special products, goods and services connected to affiliate programs. Your income consists of a percentage of advertisers’ sales or a fixed amount.

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