Flexible Goods Picking Automation Solution Provided by ForwardX

AMRs are becoming increasingly known and recognized as autonomous mobile technology continues to evolve. They open up new degrees of freedom in the design of warehouses. In addition, AMRs can be used to respond to order peaks or unexpected situations flexibly. ForwardX robotics is a professional AMR manufacturer; look at this innovation-driven company and the smart AMR products they provide.

Application scenarios of ForwardX’s AMR Solutions

A simple transport solution

When goods need to be moved from A to B in a warehouse, ForwardX’s flexible AMRs come into play. AMRs replace traditional, inflexible conveyor belt technology and transforms a previously rigid path into a flexible route. From individual boxes to entire pallets, the AMRs can move various loads to any location in the warehouse.

Sorting systems

AMRs are also used for goods sorting: they replace conveyor technology in parcel centers or airports and replace sorting systems when a certain capacity is reached. Flexible AMRs travel in a circle and eject the goods at the appropriate station.

Trusted Choice

The dramatic improvement in supply chain efficiency has earned ForwardX great recognition from an e-commerce giant. ForwardX is the only automated picking solution provider for the e-commerce giant JD Logistics and has already achieved rapid replication in more than 20 different types of warehouses. Visit ForwardX’s official website for more details on their products.

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