Finding the Shoes that Suit you

Finding the right pair of shoes according to your style and personality can be challenging. A wide variety of women shoes styles is available to explore from. All of these shoes have their own history and identity. Women shoes should not be only considered for their fashion and style value but also for their functionality. Oh but let’s admit how difficult it is now to choose the best pair from so many varieties.

Most of the women face the dilemma of what shoes to wear on daily basis. Some women shoes are suitable for one occasion and some for others. They need to have different collection of women shoes for workplace, formal dinners and casual outings.

As you read ahead, you will find a wide variety of casual shoes that will help you decide which shoes you need to add in your casual wardrobe.

Comfort is a necessity:

Whether it’s you walking into a tea cafe or sitting in the park, versatility is a part of casual shoes.

Casual shoes should make you feel relaxed. If they have heels, they should not make you uncomfortable just like the wedges.

Wedge shoes for women make you look a bit polished without sacrificing your choice to feel comfortable while walking. Numerous women have commented how they prefer wedge heels because they are far more comfortable than pencil heels and can be worn with numerous outfits. If you want to add something different to your looks, you can go for printed wedge heels too.

And then if you are looking to wear something for every day that is minimal and flat, a practical yet pretty solution is ballet pumps. They come in so many designs, textures, prints, patterns, embellishments and colours. If your office allows, you can wear them with chinos and create new looks everyday by mixing and matching various accessories and different ballet pumps.

Different Shoes for Different Needs:

Next we talk about lace ups which are a trendy option of shoes for women. They provide additional support to feet because most of them have a sturdier build. You could wear them on sidewalks with kids or for running errands. A lightweight option for women shoes are the canvas shoes which have a slightly sportier look than the ballerinas mentioned previously. One hundred and ten percent casual besides being so practical and comfy. For an easy breezy weekend look, wear jeans, a top and pair them up with canvas shoes. Walk in the sun with all your new cool looks!

As we write, it’s a sweltering summer and this reminds us of flip flops and how you run towards beach wearing them. Made from foam sole, they make you feel all comfy. They range from very basic styles to pretty ones. Recently we are seeing gems being encrusted in flip-flops to add sparkle to your monotonous life. Get going and rock your swimsuits!

Then there are mules which are open from back and closed from front. If you are looking for women shoes that you can easily slip on and off, then mules are for you. They provide more support to your feet than flip flops.

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