Features of advertising signage

Features of advertising signage

Outdoor advertising from BSPROMO has many tools to attract new customers. One such tool is advertising signage, which has a history of several centuries. It is a really effective way to tell about a company, a store, an institution, etc.

At the same time it is necessary to understand that advertising and informational signs are two different tools. And the differences of the first, actually advertising, is as follows:

  • The presence of a unique design that meets the goals and objectives of the sign;
  • Larger size compared to its informational counterpart;
  • The presence of a legal address;
  • The presence of contacts;
  • Most often, the location of advertising signs outside the store, company, institution, or on the roof;

Availability of specific information for customers or clients – an indication of promotions, discounts, new arrivals, etc.

In today’s business realities advertising signage can not be regarded as a separate tool. Today, it is no longer enough to effectively differentiate yourself from your competitors. Therefore, it is advisable to use other, main or auxiliary tools of outdoor advertising, such as ROLL UP stands.

What is taken into account when making stands and shields?

Signage should not be treated as something insignificant. It should not just provide information, but also encourage passersby to buy goods or order services. Therefore, to its manufacture and design approach accordingly.

First of all, standards, both technical and municipal, are taken into account. In some cities, clearly prescribed requirements for outdoor advertising, and this agrees with the administration of the city or locality. Technical standards are responsible for the fact that the design of signage was safe for the building in which it is installed, and for passers-by.

The next point – attractiveness. To attract the attention of passersby, advertising signage must be properly decorated. However, this rule is also true for other types of outdoor advertising, such as Fly banners.

And, of course, informative. It is necessary to tell about yourself, especially if it is a new store or a young company. This is a kind of introduction to future clients or customers. However, you need to make sure that there is no information overload.

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