Everything you need to know about bdlive

Everything you need to know about bdlive

Bongdalive is a website created for the need of watching live football matches around the world. The website’s purpose is enable the ability of mingle and enjoy the exciting atmosphere of every top football match around the world, from master leagues to minor leagues. Indeed, bdlive is a site that specializes in providing the best online football matches that happen everyday.

The spirit of bongdalive

As we know, football is the king of all sports. In fact, football has the power to connect people from any race, gender, age… to share a common passion of watching voyeuristic matches. From the very beginning of football history, the number of admirers has never seen any reduction. Hence, we can conclude that football is not only an indispensable spiritual food for everyone, but also generates huge profits from the sharing and broadcasting copyrighted football matches, selling jerseys and other relating products.

What makes football a sport that attracts millions of people around the world is that because it brings sublimation, passionate, happy and sad emotions. It makes people feel alive and turn them into famous players every they watch the matches from their favourite club.

To satisfy the passion for football, many people are seeking for a website that broadcasts football matches with decent image quality and without any fee. Maybe someone will reject this offer with the purpose that there is no such free thing in life and choose to buy transceivers or gathering with friends at football cafe. But for those who have less budget and cannot afford a good television and internet connection, they are forced to go online and looking for live streaming website.

Bongdalive- the best site you could find

However, the issue of copyright is increasingly tightening and making it more and more difficult for customers to watch football online. Many tournaments have applied the copyright laws so that it is no longer possible for broadcasters to enter the match and show it to viewers. Understanding this difficulty, Bongdalive channel was born in order to provide a method for football lovers in watching their favourite football matches.

With the goal of synthesizing the match links from all major and minor soccer tournaments around the world such as: English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Bundesliga, Bongdalive has tried its best everyday. The bongdalive website is currently broadcasting matches for Vietnamese customers that will be directly extracted from K + TV stations with stable transmission and nearly no lagging and stutter.

In addition, bongdalive also gives audience the guideline on how to watch and bet for their beloved football club.

How to watch football matches on bongdalive

With the rapid development of technology, people are no longer contingent on real television to watch their favourite matches. Therefore, Bongdalive was formed to give customers a free and safe platform to watch their football matches online. Since the beginning of bongdalive, the number of viewers has unstopably increased.

In bongdalive, viewers can choose from many free forms of online viewing such as watching via sopcast link, Youtube link, facebook link or direct website link. All they have to do is visiting the Bongdalive TV website and set up the device with a stable network connection and that’s all. Now, watching live football reports everyday is possible without the fear of increasing fee or quality of internet transmission.

In short, Bongdalive has solved the itching problems for millions of audiences around the globe. The website also provides matches schedule, football live link, football live reports of all major and minor international leagues with the fastest update speed.

The advantages and disadvantages of bongdalive

Since Bongdalive website is built and developed by the football lovers’ association with the desire to spread their passion to all other football-loving hearts, the quality of the channel is never a problem.

The best features of bongdalive

Accompanying with Bongdalive channel, the audience will feel totally satisfied with what this channel will offer thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

✓ The use of 2P2 technology helps the audience to watch online matches with the highest quality and there will be no limitation on the number of viewers.

✓ No registering process required. All customers have to do is entering the website Bongdalive and enjoy your favorite football matches. In addition, viewers can also track the scores, match results of all matches in detail.

✓ Bongdalive is totally free.

✓ The link system will be updated 1 hour before the match takes place for normal matches. With top matches that are interested by many people, the link will be updated sooner.

✓ Bongdalive offers links for all matches from major and minor tournaments, both domestically and internationally.

✓ For some reasons that viewers cannot watch live matches on TV, please visit the livebongda website. We will provide you with full links to watch the present matches in full HD quality and along with Vietnamese commentary, stable and smooth transmission. All we are doing is for the audience to have the most sublimating moments.

Disadvantages of bongdalive

In addition to the outstanding advantages above, the livebongda website still has some minor shortcomings. But don’t worry, these shortcomings will not affect your viewing experience much and we will fix them as soon as possible.

✓ The connection speed depends on the network connection in your home.

✓ Our system can be overwhelmed during peak hours. So, to avoid this situation, you should visit Bongdalive.tv to get the link in the shortest of time.

✓ Some matches are still lacking of Vietnamese commentators.

✓ Ads that make viewers feel uncomfortable.


In addition to the live football matches links, we also share information related to betting rates through our football newsletters for those who like gambling online.

So, watching football live on Bongdalive TV and xoilac  website, you can not only follow the progress of the matches, but also share your emotions, personal opinions and predict the outcome of the match along with other million fans around the world.

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