Ecosource: Your Source for Compostable Food Containers

In the quest for sustainability, Ecosource emerges as your trusted source for compostable food containers. With a proactive response to the global call to reduce plastics, they offer a range of eco-friendly solutions that align with your commitment to a greener future. Here’s why you should choose Ecosource:

Embracing Sustainability: Compostable Film and Bags

Ecosource leads the way in sustainability by offering compostable film and bags, addressing the pressing need to reduce plastics. They actively produce and apply bioplastics such as CPLA (Crystallized Polylactic Acid) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate) to achieve their sustainability goals. By choosing Ecosource’s compostable solutions, you contribute to a healthier planet.

Features that Make Ecosource’s Containers Stand Out

Ecosource’s containers come with outstanding features that set them apart from traditional options. Their energy-saving design reduces environmental impact and promotes resource efficiency. By opting for Ecosource, you actively contribute to a greener future by reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, their containers are steam-resistant, water/grease-repellent, making them highly practical and suitable for various applications.

Eco-Friendly Replacement Options

Ecosource provides sustainable alternatives to conventional food container options. Their compostable CPLA cup lids offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic lids, ensuring both convenience and environmental responsibility. Additionally, their compostable CPLA cutlery provides a green choice for utensils, promoting the reduction of single-use plastics and embracing eco-conscious practices.


Ecosource stands at the forefront of sustainability with their range of compostable food containers. By producing and applying bioplastics like CPLA and PBAT, they actively respond to the global call to reduce and reuse plastics. Experience the benefits of Ecosource’s containers, including their energy-saving properties, reduced carbon footprint, and practical design. Make a positive impact on the environment by switching to Ecosource’s compostable CPLA cup lids and cutlery. Choose Ecosource as your trusted source for compostable food containers and join the movement towards a healthier planet.


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