DIY 101 Design Your Own Shirt

DIY 101: Design Your Own Shirt

When you have a specific design, style or mood in mind, it is very difficult to settle for anything less than what you imagine. It can take days, weeks, and even months until you find the right design, and sometimes it just looked so much better in your head. If you’ve got that skill, it would be a whole lot easier, less time-consuming, and definitely cheaper to just design that tee yourself! 

Embroidery (needle and thread) is the most loved method to decorate clothing items like jackets, shirts, caps, hats, bags, and beanies. Embroidery service providers do embroidery directly on the clothing and make custom embroidered patches for hats, jackets, and shirts. Many people personalize their caps by attaching custom iron no patches on their caps and shirts.

Here’s how you can create your own fascinating designs: 

Research different printing techniques

When creating a t-shirt design, there are many different options and for a newbie, you can easily get lost in the options. Before you freak out and get discouraged, the professionals at Merch Metrics have come up with simple and effective tutorials for you to decide which one is your easiest option. Whether it’s screen printing or printing on demand, the first step is deciding the method you’ll be using. 

Pick a theme 

The world is at your fingertips and whatever design you fancy is one that you can make yourself. You can choose a theme based on cartoon characters, write a funny quote, or even draw an illustration. Depending on your skills, talents, and what you have in mind, whatever theme you choose is completely up to you. 

Choose a font 

Once you’ve decided on a theme and have chosen the image that will express it, you can start experimenting with fonts. Make sure you’re working on the right template, and test out different fonts until you find the one that fits the most with your theme. You can then start playing around with font colors as well as special effects. Do you want your phrase to seem like it is 3-Dimensional? Or do you want it to be slightly transparent, or maybe even fade out? All these are design elements you can test out to see which one best suits the t-shirt of your dreams. 

Choose a t-shirt 

Depending on the platform you’re using, they’ll have different t-shirt cuts, a wide variety of colors, lengths, as well as fabrics to choose from. Open the platform or website and browse the different options, testing them out with your design to see which one you like best and if you need to make any changes. 

Upload your design 

Once you’ve chosen your t-shirt, you’re just a few clicks away from getting your first DIY product. All that’s left now is to upload the design and place your order. Then you can sit back and wait for that perfect shirt to be delivered to your door.

Congratulations! You’ve not only created your first design successfully but have also opened the door to an endless world of possibilities. No need to waste your time looking for a certain design anymore, because now you can just make it yourself. Keep in mind, customized and unique designs that you’ve created also make awesome gifts that anyone you care for will appreciate. So once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be creating the best gifts that will make anyone happy. 

Nowadays, fashion designers and sports uniform manufacturers widely use custom patches (embroidered patches) to brand their fashion clothing products. Embroidery is a classic way to modify clothes, jackets, shirts, and caps. A custom patch as a logo looks much better than an ugly tag. In sports, custom iron-on patches are commonly used by fans. You can see fans wearing baseball caps with their favorite team’s logo.

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