Different species of salmon

Do you want to have the salmon? Still confused about the wild-caught salmon or Atlantic salmon? You should first know about the types of the salmon. The salmon have different type and you should try out the best one in your diet and have the best outcomes.

Eating fish in your daily routine is good for health so you should add them in your diet and if you try out different recipes with the salmon then are good at the fat. The wild caught salmon is good for health but the pacific salmon and the Atlantic salmon is way much better then pacific salmon. The Atlantic salmon is sold commercially and all farm manufactured.

There are different types of species because not all are the same and you must have to know which you likely to eat and which is more fabulous. Just like the salmon eggs ikura are now the part of dishes and dinning because they are more beneficial and provide many functions as well.

 Silver Salmon

Silver salmon is sometimes also known as the coho salmon or silvers.  This type of fish is famous because of its silver skin and has the different taste. They are very bright in red color and have some delicate texture. You can identify them from the texture and the taste as well. Plus they are not like the Chinook salmon but somehow have the same flavor and taste.

 Pink salmon

It is most common pacific salmon and different names like humpies or humpback salmon. The major difference of this salmon is that they are very light colored.

And what’s more interesting?

It is that they have low fat content. It means those who have extra fat in their body can also eat this salmon because of low fat and their consumption isn’t bad for them.

You must be wondering that why they have this type of names?

It is because these salmon have the hump that develops when salmon spawn that is why they are called as humpies.  It can be freshly sold or canned and frozen are also available in the market.

Sockeye Salmon

It is most common and also known as the red salmon because they have the most dark flesh and deep rich flavor just like its color. It is mostly and easily found in the market. it is the easy catch for the fishers because they move upstream and spawn.

King Salmon (also known as Chinook)

It is number one salmon and also knows as the Chinook. It is used worldwide and considered as the best salmon in taste. King salmon is the mostly used in the lunch. The western people loved to have them in their lunch and with the alternative dishes. King salmon have high fat that help you the cardiovascular disorders. King salmon flesh is rich and ranges from the white to red in color.


If you want to buy the salmon then it is easy for you after reading because this article explains about the types of salmon which is too much needed in winter seasons.

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