Are you searching for the most reliable Australian custom builders? With the innovative ideas of the top architects with the dedication of highly skilled construction professionals, Global Prefabricated Kit Homes are the ideal choice to build your dream home.

“We listen to your needs and then design it to your Specifications , and then build it to the specifications of your Dreams!”

It’s time to build your Dream Custom Home


We can help you build that dream residence. At Custom Global Construction, we offer you the most current homes of all kinds. We can assist you in planning your way from a rental home to a furnished comfortable, airy, and ventilated large and well-designed home.

As the most reputable Aussie Custom Builders We also concentrate on a wide variety of homes that include New residential construction that is brand new luxurious homes, semi-custom and fully-custom homes, medium and high density homes, unique log homes with hybrid homes, and, of course, kit home kits. The saying goes”Home is where the heart lies “Home is where your heart lies”. Therefore, cherish the creation of your dream living space with us.


As part of our construction program, we offer a range of features and services like:

  • Timeliness and trust Our team is extremely punctual and reliable in the event of deadlines. We finish our projects within the timeframe we have promised or even sooner.
  • Construction that is economically priced – With us, you do not have to be concerned about your budget. We’re very concerned with the needs of our clients and make sure to do our very best within the project budget.
  • Innovative thinking – We stay up to date with the latest trends in design and interiors. We then add our own ideas and our clients’ ideas to make their home more inviting and comfortable.
  • We are financially stable – As an established Global Brand, we hold an extremely powerful influence on the market and can offer every benefit that can favor our clients.
  • Planning Our work is always planned with a clear schedule. Our projects are started by utilizing plans created by our employees which provide clarity on budgets and plans to our clients. Even if there’s an error in our plans, we keep our clients informed about it to maintain transparency between us.
  • Experiential Employees – We at Global are aware of what a wonderful feeling it is having your own home. Therefore, in order to create the perfect home, we have a team of highly skilled workers with sufficient experience in their field and necessary knowledge in their respective areas of expertise.

Talk less, do more – We believe that “Action is more powerful than words”. So, we put more emphasis on our efficiency at work and let our projects speak more than merely gloating about our brand.


It’s not difficult for clients to have many concerns in their heads, such as why only Global? Or why not any other Australian Custom-built builders? We’re more than happy to provide answers to these questions. We at Global Custom Homes, the customers are our first priority and we treat them our own family. We fully understand the feelings of building their dream home, whether an initial build or not. We work with every client with the right guidance and personal attention. This is what sets us apart from other builders and builders on the market.


We have a highly professional team that includes experts from all fields that work in unison throughout the months to make the trip to your dream home unforgettable. The people we employ are mainstays that make us strong. It is due to their incredible talent, expertise and commitment to excellence that we have been deemed as one of the most reputable Australian Custom Building companies. The highly effective team comprises:


The majority of people are happy when they are at home. This is why we ensure the best rights of our clients by designing homes that are specifically suited to their needs and desires. Each and every decision we make to these homes is made exclusively after our clients’ approval.

We , as the famous Australian Custom Builders initially, we require every detail about everything you require in the perfect home. The details you provide can be found in any type of structure such as the general construction of a house, a photograph of a sketch or a couple of other components such as room plans or just a random picture to you. We appreciate every detail you provide us and try to use your wishes to create your dream home just as similar to the one you see you imagine in your dreams.

This way you can rely on us to ensure the success of your dream project and allow us to take part in your unforgettable trip.

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Global, we are concerned about our individual growth. Global We are concerned about our individual growth as well as the cumulative additions of our customers and our representatives as well. In the course of developing our work, we try to build out a solid relationship with our clients , and they also share a similar passion are with us. The construction of homes isn’t only a way of generating money but also for deeper motives.

As unique Australian Custom Builders it’s an honor to fulfill the desires of thousands of people and to stay at the forefront of their minds when it comes to the process of building their dream homes. But, it requires considerable ingenuity and hard work to build an entire home, but the satisfaction of the client is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. The joyous expressions of our customers after the conclusion of their dream project is the true reason for our actuality.

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