Choose the Best the adventure of the luxury desert safari Dubai

The luxury desert safari in Dubai is the best way to enjoy the largest city in the world. As a thrill-seeker who has traveled to many cities, you can try the best luxury desert safari in Dubai while you are there. These safaris are great for those who want the best comfort and convenience while having fun on their travels.

Desert Safari Dubai why we select?

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Even on a trip like a desert safari the best comfort and convenience may not be enough for one who wants the best. We cover luxury amenities and offer you a great time when you go on a luxury desert safari in Dubai.

You can go on a luxury desert safari at sunrise, afternoon, evening and night. There are a lot of adventure options. On Sunrise Desert safari tours you will ride a camel, drive through the dunes and have a hearty breakfast on the sand dunes. If you do not know what a desert is like, a luxury desert safari is a great option for you to venture out. You can take advantage of the special facilities set up for you and fully enjoy your trip. You may be someone who loves new adventures, but you may not be able to live with the basics. We know what you want, so we offer you the best facilities at Desert-Scape‌ so you can enjoy a planned safari in the Dubai Desert. Check out

Luxury desert experience from Dubai

Some professional drivers will pick you up from your hotel or other places in vehicles suitable for 6 to 7 people and take you to the desert area where the adventure sessions take place. This means that you will be safely dropped off at your hotel or destination so that you can go home after the safari is over. Once you reach the desert, you can do a lot. Start your trip with camel trekking. If you want, you can do whatever adventure you like for up to an hour. Camel trekking lasts for an hour and you can take a camel ride through the desert landscape. Professional guides will help you with the camel ride. Even if this is your first time, do not be afraid. Camels are some of the most obedient animals in the desert, and your camel trek can be relaxing and exciting. As you walk through the desert you can see desert plants and animals that live in dry areas. The mouth was masked to protect the camel from being bitten. It doesn’t happen much. Camels know how to behave in the desert.

Camels have long been a major means of transportation in the desert. When you go on a camel ride, you can taste what it is like for Middle Eastern traders and people moving goods.

Additional information:

It is possible to travel in a private car at low cost.

There will be no mounding during this package. The driver will take you straight to the Dubai desert Safari  camp.

Must book at least two people. It costs 200 AED per person with pickup and drop-off.

There are two separate tables for veg and non veg food. Water and soft drinks are also available at low prices.

To make a reservation for those with back pain, the elderly or pregnant and those who want to come to the desert camp, they can.

You can pay by cash or check on the spot. If you do not want to pay online, you can book your tour on the booking form or WhatsApp and pay cash for your guide on the day of the tour.

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