Casinos in India and other countries - what is the difference?

Casinos in India and other countries – what is the difference?

India is one of the most populous countries, it ranks second in terms of population. At the same time, the state is developing rapidly. The myth of the poor population is gradually becoming a thing of the past. That is why India is attractive for business, including gambling. Offline and online casino games in India are very popular. However, the gambling industry in India is only in its infancy. Let’s consider the main features, the position of gambling in terms of legislation, as well as the differences between the position of operators and the conditions created for them in other states.

The position of gambling in terms of Indian law

The process of legalizing gambling in India began in 2000 with the adoption of a law regulating the field of information technology. However, during that period, virtual gambling was in a semi-legal position. The procedure for obtaining a local license by operators was thought out much later – in 2010. From that moment on, a document was adopted in Sikkim allowing the organization of lotteries in an online format. At the same time, not only residents of this state, but also other regions could take part in the draws.

If we talk about land-based casinos, they are allowed only in three regions (Goa, Daman, Sikkim). Most of the gambling establishments are located in the resort Goa. Additionally, offshore floating establishments are popular in India.

Large land-based casinos operate mainly at 5-star hotels. In addition, the opening of such an institution will require permission from local authorities.

Online casino with permissions from other jurisdictions

As in a number of countries, from a legislative point of view, the operation of an online casino with a license from foreign regulators is not prohibited. Such platforms are very popular among local gamblers. At the same time, an increase in the interest of players in online casinos was observed precisely with the onset of the pandemic. The introduction of the lockdown and the closure of establishments forced users to look for sources of entertainment and vivid emotions at home. All over the world, the coronavirus epidemic has become an impetus for the active development of the gambling industry. India is simply no exception from this point of view.

With the onset of the pandemic, foreign operators began to make efforts to gain a foothold in the local market. India is a country with a huge population and ubiquitous high-speed Internet. The average user of a virtual gaming platform is a man between the ages of 20 and 50.

However, online casinos offering their services to gamblers from India differ in a number of features:

  • An expanded range of gaming software, the catalog of the gaming platform often contains a wide range of different slot machines, drum machines dedicated to various topics are especially in demand. Most of them have additional options in the form of special symbols, free spins, bonus rounds, and so on.
  • Bonus program. When choosing an online casino, players pay special attention to the generosity of rewards. The bonus policy may include welcome gifts (deposit and no deposit), cashback, free spins, loyalty program gifts. Often, bright banners published on the main page tell about promotions. Most Indian casinos also have a wagering requirement. It involves placing bets on the amount of the gift multiplied by the wagering coefficient.
  • Statistically, most Indian online casino bettors use mobile devices to access them. Modern casino sites are cross-platform, that is, they work on devices with any size and display resolution.
  • Another important condition for successful work in the local market is the availability of a Hindi version of the casino. The English language is quite common in this country, but the Hindi version will provide comfort to the players. Support service managers should also preferably speak Hindi.
  • Modern casinos should provide the most comfortable conditions for making money transactions. Gaming platforms usually offer players from India to place bets in dollars or rupees. To carry out operations, users can use various tools. One of the most popular is UPI (fast bank transfer system).

According to experts in India, the gambling market (both online and offline) is under development. If we talk about online casinos, they are not much different from those designed for gamblers from other countries. Of course, there are features in the design. For the most part, gaming platforms offer a language version in Hindi, offer a transaction in the local currency.

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