Canadian-based exchange offers Crypto loans, indices, and interest earnings

A huge paradigm shift was seen in the last decade in the crypto trading space globally. This space unveiled many new and upcoming markets for cryptocurrency trading platforms. This trend is just rising. ByteX is one of the companies that has caught this growing trend. It is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange. It is venturing into the international market and becoming global. It established a powerful footing in the B2B cryptocurrency trading space in Canada. Now, this platform is ready to offer B2C retail cryptocurrency lending services, then facilitate earring interests on portfolios of crypto and investing in some cryptocurrency indices. Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are prone to hacking, every investor should know about dusting attacks for their safety.

How the platform was established? How it start to perform? 

  • This platform is known to be the brainchild of Sayan Roy and Robert Balazs, its two co-founders.
  • It was created over a conversation during a casual dinner.
  • Last year in August they came up with this concept and within no time, its founders created this B2B exchange.
  • It was the only exchange in Canada that let users simultaneously generate many wallet addresses as per preferences.
  • This platform too offered some insured wallets to the clients of B2B that further making way for its credibility.
  • The weekly trading volume of this exchange increased fivefold from its start in October.
  • Sayan and Robert saw this growth as a great opportunity of turning ByteX into one household name globally.

The co-founders of the exchange gathered the bytes

  • The expertise of Robert Balazs in executive leadership, financial services, and strategic management is the basis for the exchange to provide a line of credit to consumers.
  • Thus they will be able to borrow against their digital asset.
  • With the hands-on experience of Robert in implementing systems and processes that create some efficiencies and get rid of redundancies, this platform will be making excellent use of such skills when it will offer retail services.
  • The wheel of ByteX is equally turned by its co-founder Sayan Roy.
  • He is an engineer professionally and by passion an entrepreneur.
  • He is a strict believer in the space of crypto.
  • Sayan is also a hedonist cryptocurrency investor.
  • After he graduated from Queen’s University, he worked as a design and automation engineer.
  • When the COVID-19 pandemic struck this world, his journey in cryptocurrency started.
  • He began by creating one token on the blockchain TRC-20.
  • He did so when the CEO of Breathe Medical Manufacturing, Mr. Balazs contacted him.
  • There he met Robert Balazs and began discussing crypto.
  • The discussions evolved into great ideas and those ideas into ByteX.

ByteX’ core

  • Bytex combined its current services of crypto exchange with crypto loan offerings to investors, earning some interest on their crypto portfolio and taking care of their cryptocurrency indices for motivating theme-based investments in crypto.
  • Thus it is ready to start expanding taking on the crypto market globally with huge success.

Providing services to different retailers

  • While they served the market in Canada, ByteX founders realized that retail sector customers are underserved when it is to earning decent interest on their deposited money in the centralized exchanges.
  • This exchange has a goal of extending a line of credit to cryptocurrency investors and aiding people in retaining their assets by providing them some alternative to selling.
  • With this, the founders aim at enabling people to participate in the worldwide crypto movement making use of a simple platform that is user-friendly and brings the fragmented cryptocurrency market together.

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This international cryptocurrency exchange, ByteX is owned by many users, investors, and projects. It is the most reliable and safest crypto exchange in Canada. The platform is on a mission of evolving each Canadian in the revolution of blockchain. We are planning to bring a revolution in the way individuals actually trade or invest in cryptos. It provides access to many digital assets or services backed by insurance and security processes. ByteX has been built with the help of a team of blockchain enthusiasts and experienced traders. With this platform, one can buy, sell or trade digital currencies with great speed, security, and trust. They will have you covered regardless of if you are trading for the first time or you are an experienced one in the crypto market.

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