Bitcoin Covenants; Are They A Shield Against Crypto Theft?

Bitcoin is the first-ever digital cryptocurrency effortlessly tradable via Trading App, which was developed to make the entire financial system decentralized and serve as a means of exchange. However, a portion of its strength is achieved in the way the transaction uses flexible script language to clarify the quality of the rid. The system makes it certain that succeeding transactions will have to meet the redemption criteria to open up the implanted value.

Although conventional financial agreements depend on the implementation of confidence and reality, the script system of Bitcoin permits the enforcement of agreement within the currency mechanism. In addition, with the current system, insecurity still remains about the utilization of the Bitcoin mechanism by the bullying. This is the reason why developers in the crypto world are preparing suggestions on the aspect of Bitcoin’s Covenants. The purpose of covenants is to turn Bitcoin into a more secure and efficient cryptocurrency and to enhance its scalability.

What Are Covenants?

A covenant is utilized as an agreement to limit the use of an item in private property law, for instance, the intervention to extend a building or change the color of frontage. Because Bitcoin is also private property, the term Covenant is best-suited to identify sanctions on its transactions. You possess the property but are restricted in its usage. In particular, Bitcoin Covenants ban the suggestions such as how to use a currency after buying it and where you can transfer these coins.

These sanctions are similar to those imposed by the bank on a specific trader suspected of indulging in illegal activities. Covenants are effective for Bitcoin upgradation; however, since they are complicated to impose and stimulate the conflict over the fungibility and censorship-resistant feature of cryptocurrencies, their consideration for inclusion in Bitcoin is low.

What Is A Bitcoin Covenant?

Covenants to Bitcoin are what Smart Contracts to Ethereum blockchain. Simply, Covenant is a method that allows users to impose conditions on the usage and transfer of Bitcoins in the future. So far, the Bitcoin programmability is highly restricted to the basic level transactions. For example, utilizing a Bitcoin script, a developer/programmer can ban the options to be adopted before the processing of a transaction. Likewise, a TimeLock enables an individual to set a specific duration of time before processing a transaction.

Therefore, basically, the purpose of Bitcoin Covenants is to make Bitcoin more programmable by enabling programmers to manage the spending of BTC in the future. Utilizing the Bitcoin Covenants, anyone can whitelist/blacklist specific wallet addresses, putting limitations on the spending of Bitcoin even for an individual having keys to those BTC. Recently, the description of Bitcoin’s script language is quite restricted, not only through strict language operations but also from the data a script program can access.

How Does A Bitcoin Covenant Work?

Bitcoin secures an ordinary transaction by a locking script which comes with a set of pre-conditions essential to be met before a transaction is spent. Contrary to the case of a normal Bitcoin script, which demands certain terms to unlock a specific requirement, a covenant announces additional pre-conditions, which bring the process one step forward. A remarkable pre-condition of a Bitcoin covenant is to limit the operations of a coin.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Covenants


  • Covenants tighten the security of your BTC and make it difficult for hackers to steal your earnings.
  • They prevent cybercriminals from getting complete access to your funds even if they hold the private keys to your wallet.
  • Bitcoin covenants are effective in terms of fees and scalability.


  • According to some crypto experts, these covenants can affect the fungibility of Bitcoin.
  • They are highly complicated, and beginners find them difficult to adopt and use.

How Can Bitcoin Covenants Be A Shield Against Theft?

Covenants enhance the set of financial equipment in Bitcoin and allow the utilization of the latest strong security, one of them is known as a vault. Vaults ensure that the security of private keys is greatly improved. In the past, holding these keys in a safe & secure manner has been a significant threat to BTC users. However, vaults eliminate the theft of the keys by stopping a hacker/scammer from having complete control of stolen funds.

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