Betta Fish Q&A: Why These Animals Aren’t Starter Pets

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are often touted as an easy-to-care-for and low-maintenance pet, but this is not the case for all bettas. Bettas are unique, intelligent animals with specific needs that are not met by the average home with a betta fish.

Therefore, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into before bringing a Betta home. Read on to learn more about Betta fish, and whether they are the right pet for you.

How Betta Fish Got Their Name

Betta fish, commonly known as Siamese fighting fish, is actually a livebearer and not a true fish. They are often erroneously called “true” fighting fish because they have been bred for aggression from their original form as an ornament.

The term “Siamese” came about because of the distinctive markings that the species has on its body. The original betta was found in Siam (now Thailand).

Betta Fish Quiz

  1. What is the name of the colorful, long-finned fish?
  2. Siamese Fighting Fish
  3. Betta
  4. Goldfish
  5. Goldfish
  6. All of the above are correct

Why Are Some Bettas Better Pets Than Others?

Betta fish come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Quality bettas are typically long, lean, and have horizontal stripes. Low-quality bettas often have short bodies with vertical stripes.

One reason some people buy a Betta is that they think it is an easy-to-care-for pet. However, this is not the case for all Bettas. Bettas require more care than most other pets because they require fresh water every day and live in small cages. Bettas should never be put in tanks over 1 gallon because they need room to swim and grow; many people keep them in jars or cups for too long before remembering their needs.

Another reason why some people purchase a Betta is that they think it’s easier to care for than other starter pets like hamsters or gerbils. If you are thinking of purchasing a Betta as your first pet, please reconsider. Bettas do not make good starter pets due to their high maintenance requirements (i.e., daily water changes) which can be too much for someone new to animal ownership.

Betta Fish Care Requirements

When you first bring home your Betta fish, it’s important to set up their tank. Bettas need at least a 5 gallon tank (10 gallons is better), and the tank should have a tight-fitting lid to prevent any escapes. The tank needs to be heated to an appropriate temperature, and filtration is needed for freshwater.

Bettas are not great starter pets because they need specific care that many people are not prepared to give them. People often underestimate how difficult it can be if they don’t have a lot of time or expertise in caring for these animals. If you’re considering bringing a Betta home, make sure you do the necessary research so you know what you’re getting into.

Should You Get a Betta Fish?

A betta fish can be a great pet for some people, but they are not the best starter pet. There are a few factors to consider before you decide whether or not to bring a Betta home.

First, if you have small children, it is important to note that Bettas may have difficulty adapting to the high energy level of kids and could become stressed or scared. This stress can cause them to change color, which is sometimes mistaken for sickness. In addition, Bettas cannot thrive in constant movement around their tank, so if your home has lots of activity or small children who run around your house all day, it might not be the best environment for your new pet.

Bettas also need an environment with relatively low temperatures in order to thrive. While this might not be a problem during the summertime when temperatures are warmer outside, it can become an issue if you live in an area that gets colder during the winter months.

Finally, Bettas need at least one-third of their tank covered in water plants and at least two inches of water depth. If you don’t have these things available to offer your new pet on a regular basis, it is probably best to look elsewhere for a new furry friend.

Consider adopting a pet that better suits your lifestyle, such as pet cats, which are known for their adaptability to various living conditions.

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