Best Tips for garage door repair

Best Tips for garage door repair

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Until they suddenly stop moving as we’re racing to work, garage doors are taken for granted. Several typical garage door issues could account for the failure, although this rarely occurs quickly. Garage doors slow down or grind to a halt in the middle of the opening, just to start up again unexpectedly months before they fail.

You can make simple fixes instead of purchasing a new garage door.

You can fix the tracks, extension springs, and pulley cables on your own, but hiring a professional is always a good idea to ensure the job is done correctly.

Considerations for Safety

One of the more challenging aspects of the house to work on is the garage door. Tightly wound garage door tension springs provide a substantial risk of serious injury if they break or separate. It is advisable to leave these in the care of experts.

Extension spring replacement is more of a do-it-yourself project because they are safer to work on. When repairing the garage door, unplug the garage door opener. Wear all safety gear, including safety glasses, and follow all safety precautions when repairing garage doors.


Establish safety clamps.

Activate the garage door. Just below the bottom edge of the door, next to the roller, tighten a C-clamp onto the metal door track as high as you can. On the opposite side, repeat.

Every time you work on an open door, you should take this safety precaution to stop the door from unintentionally falling.

Check for Metal Tracks

On each side of the garage door opening, there are metal tracks that the garage door runs on. A tight 90-degree bend is made halfway along these tracks as they move the door from vertical to horizontal.

Examine the metal tracks on the vertical portion of the garage door while it is open. Run your fingertips along the sides of the container with a flashlight.

Take the clamps off. Knock on the door. Look for the same damage in the horizontal tracks sections close to the ceiling while standing on a ladder.

Metal track repair

Puncture dents in the garage door track with the rubber mallet or a hammer and block of wood. Use the mallet to whack a crooked track to make it straight.

A garage door track anvil can be used to repair significant dents. This specialized tool can restore the trackback to its original shape and straighten ancient, broken door tracks.

Replace or tighten the mounting brackets.

Possibly loose or dented are the mounting brackets holding the garage door tracks to the garage. These brackets frequently become looser with use.

When to Contact a Professional

If you are uncomfortable working with the garage door spring, cables, or any other component of the door system, call a skilled garage door installation specialist. Garage door tracks that are seriously damaged need to be replaced. It’s better to leave tension spring replacement to skilled garage door repair specialists.

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