Benefits Of Online Learning That May Change Your Way Of Study

Currently, in the age of online learning, the contours of education are expanding. Gone are the days when education could only be taken or imparted by physical presence. Today one can attend or give classes with just one click of a button. 

With the increase in the speed of digital connectivity and data transfer, it seems that the entire notion of education has been revolutionized. A recent study on the internet demonstrates that there is a massive surge in internet users. 

Further, with the recent pandemic hitting the world community, the idea of online education is gaining more popularity, and individuals appear to desire to learn from their homes only. 

Before the obvious benefits of online learning, one must know what falls within its periphery. Though there is no strict definition that can be quoted here for the sake of convenience, one can define it as a system of education that is virtually based and connected through digital networks.

The idea is that students, irrespective of their geographical locations, can have hassle-free access to education and learn using audio-visual feeds as long as one has the internet, one learns without any impediment.

There are thousands of online courses at the movement, which are part of online learning. Presently these courses offer everything from study material to certification on successful completion. So being exactly similar in the pattern of classroom teaching, online learning enhances the experience of learners and teachers on a quality level.

Six Benefits of Online Learning that makes it Most Potent Learning Tool

Amongst many things, there are ample benefits which are associated with online learning. These benefits are so far-reaching that they can even change the outlook of the education system and a student’s studying perspective. These benefits can be elaborated as follows.

  • Cheaper Than your Old-fashioned Learning

Do you remember those classic benches we used to sit on when we were in school or college? Or that centralized air conditioner that kept us warm irrespective of outside temperature?

Who do you think paid the bills?

At last, you might have got the point! It was us who paid for all the facilities.

Traditionally, schooling has always been costlier because one needs infrastructure before starting the education process. So apart from tuition fees, all facilities provided to students have been charged from students only. Further, those amongst us who had to travel long distances for their classes used to add the ancillary cost of transportation and relocation.

Compared to online, learning these in-between costs are nowhere; hence the overall cost of education is less. Another aspect worth noting is that one can pay per the classes one attends, so if one is not taking all the lessons, one doesn’t have to bear the entire tuition fee.

Many students take this option and purchase only lectures where they seem to have a problem. On the other hand, as far as study material is concerned, it is freely available all the time, unlike the traditional education system.

  • User-friendliness

The online learning platform which provides the material and video lectures is user-friendly all the time. These platforms are specifically made with the sole purpose that students with only a basic understanding of computers can operate without much problem.

Around a few years ago, when online learning became popular, many people had reservations as one needed a good internet connection and a working personal computer all the time. However, now as technology has advanced, internet speed is no issue.

Today, most of us are using 4G or 5G technology-based networks; cell phones have become so sophisticated that one can easily access all the lectures and study material through a single mobile application. Thus there is no need for training on accessing the material, and mere instructions suffice the student’s requirements.

  • Round the Clock Availability for you

The boon of online learning is the available content in the form of lectures or learning material is just bits and pieces of data. So everything is stored on the cloud, and hence one who has the credentials can access it and use it appropriately.

Virtual data never decays or falloffs; therefore, one can access it at any time as per their convenience. Back in the day, things were not that easy, and if one missed a lecture, it was gone forever. With online learning platforms, if you miss out on lectures, you can access resources such as guidebooks, tutorials, and online assignment writing services

ost breathtaking part is that there is no limitation to time, so if you want to see your lecture, which was taught to you three weeks ago, you need to login and search for the same. Students who don’t get time due to their part-time jobs in the morning can take advantage of the system.

  • Be Part of a Bendable Learning Process

Many students may face personal problems, and they cannot complete their education to the fullest. Similarly, students at times enrol themselves in a full-fledged degree course program but cannot complete it on time. So in the traditional system, if one is unable to complete the course, they used to get limited chances to appear because physical exams were to be conducted by the college. But now, as the entire system is based online, the students can give the exam as they desire. Also, due to the online education system, there is much improvement in the students’ grades because one is not in any hurry to appear in the exam and only after proper time and studies they take exams. So overall, it enhances student efficiency.

  • Your age and financial status won’t make a difference.

My family used to take me to the countryside, where my grandparents lived back in the day. My grandfather had a farm, and most boys were much older than me. One of them was Robin, who was quite older but was very shy and always respectful. As we bonded on many things, and once, he told me his desire to study at one of the biggest universities. But due to lack of money and his older age, he never dares to move beyond the local area. This very instance made me realize that though the education system was always open for every age group, few key exams used to have an age limit.

Further, even if the exam is cleared, one might not feel connected due to the visible age difference. Nowadays, only a few can make it to the most prestigious universities, a barrier to quality education. However, as modern technology advances, anyone, irrespective of their age and financial status, can enroll and receive training. There are courses offered by some of the most prominent institutions like Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc. and aspiring students like Robin can get the advantage of the education.

  • Infinite Chances And Infinite Courses

If you think that what you have accomplished through your degree is enough and there is nothing more to learn then, trust me, you are wrong! Over time, technology is becoming obsolete. If you are a software developer, there is always better and more effective software out there competing. The progression which is going on in every field is so fast that within a few decades, you shall see a new world altogether. Therefore, upgrading skills and expanding them is the need of time. Through online learning, what you can accomplish is infinite, even big CEOs like Satya Nadella enroll in multiple courses every year as major universities are now teaching online so one can learn from the best. Further, with certifications, one can even get better job opportunities in life.

Concluding remarks

It is not a point of debate as to which system is better for education because both approaches have their advantages and weaknesses. So if you have to decide which method you have to choose, then it is suggested that you first must assess your situations, thus selecting a system that caters to your needs sufficiently must be your mode of education.

One might be skeptical about the online learning process as there is no active supervision, and most students enrol and forget to complete the course. So the system’s efficacy is still under scrutiny. Still, it will be too early to pass a judgment on learning outcomes because the process of learning is not only teacher-dependent but also student-dependent.

It is known that students who are sincere and take their tasks seriously can accomplish anything irrespective of which mode of learning they choose. All that a genuine student needs is a little nudge to succeed. So it won’t be wrong to say that the efficiency of learning shall always be dependent on you. So work hard and always keep smiling!

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