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All You Need to Know About Online Casino Scams and Their Types

Nowadays, online casinos and gambling are getting very popular due to their worldwide acceptance. These games however can give a lot of money as a bonus. In addition, the skilled players get recognition too. Hence, all these cannot diminish the probabilities of scams that are very frequent on these platforms. The piece will discuss scams and how one can play safely without getting harmed by these scams.

What is an Online Casino Scam?

In a general way, it is a financial fraud on online gambling platforms. However, on a broader aspect, it involves the actions of cybercriminals who frauds the whole system of an online gambling platform. These hackers do different frauds on the participants of these platforms like multi-accounting, affiliate fraud, etc.

Types of Online Casino Frauds

There are different types of online casino fraud. Some of them are easily understandable while a maximum of them are not. The main three types of fraud are discussed below.

  1. Deposit Theft

From the name itself, you can understand it is related to the initial deposit to the online platforms. This happens on unpopular and unauthorized platforms. On these platforms whenever one signs up and makes the initial deposit, suddenly the platform vanishes. In the earlier stage of online casino games, this type of scam was prevalent.

In this theft, the web builders build a website in such a way, that looks like a casino but it is not. The whole site has nothing but only a page that processes the payment. The players initially can not understand the whole process and continue to deposit money. The scammers at the extreme level attract players with an offer of huge bonuses and finally scam a lot of deposit money from them.

  1. Bonus Scam

Players come to online casinos for nothing but attractive bonuses. Several genuine platforms give attractive bonuses to legitimate players. However, on fraud platforms, the scammers cheat the players by the false presentation of bonuses.

There is a very basic point for recognizing these fraud platforms which is their promise of huge bonuses. Genuine casino platforms give attractive bonus opportunities but that is not something one cannot imagine. So players should be aware of these fake bonus opportunities to avoid these scams.

  1. Banking Details and Identity Theft

When proceeding to online payment, individuals give their bank details to these platforms. Therefore, any online fraud platform can easily get these details and scam the players. On the other hand, identity theft is also prevalent on these platforms.

Generally, these fraud platforms ask for bank details and other important ID proof from the players. If the players provide all these without checking the site’s authenticity, then unfortunately they got scammed. Identity theft can lead to harmful consequences. For example, antisocial criminals can use the identity of genuine people to harm others.

Apart from these three above-mentioned scams, there are several other types of scams. These are as follows,

  • Chip Dumping

This is a technique that involves black marketing in earning profit from online casinos. Any legitimate platform has legal permission for organizing gambling. Therefore, the profit they give is also fair enough. However, participants who are impatient about gaining profit, opt for other improper means. Therefore, they keep their money at high risk.

  • Phishing

Phishing is the email scam that unauthorized platforms send to the players. These emails generally have the logo of popular casino sites which attracts the players. Hence, as soon as they click on the links of the email they get scammed. In addition, these links also send viruses to the devices.

  • Manipulative Games

These games do not hide their existence on the internet. They are pretty vocal with their offerings and charges. However, they hide their scams somewhere in the sitemap. So the players can not get a real idea about it. Therefore, these rigged platforms manipulate casino players adversely.

  • Malware Attack

Malware attack is a very common scam that fraud casino platforms can practice on individuals. Scammers very efficiently transfer trojans, backdoors, and spyware to the devices of people. Therefore, they can get hold of the personal details of the individuals and cause harm to them.

How Can One Skip Online Casino Scams?

Day by day, the number of players on betting sites is increasing. This is because the platforms are also improving themselves for better services. However, the scamming platforms are ruining the reputation of online casinos. To distinguish between a fraud and a genuine online casino platform, one can follow the below-mentioned points,

  • Always check the reviews
  • Run thorough research before choosing a platform
  • Check the site’s credibility
  • Do not fall for huge bonus offers
  • Check the site structure properly

However, players should be very cautious while making transactions with any online casino platform. In addition, while checking the credibility of a site they should browse safely.

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