Album covers with the new approach

Album covers with the new approach

The main reason why album covers are made by professional designers is the low accessibility of graphic tools that allow for the creation of composite pictures for free. But nowadays, more and more solutions appear that facilitate the task considerably. The VistaCreate tool helps design a CD cover without wasting precious time on discovering the solution specificities and offering many helpful opportunities for creative work.

VistaCreate tool – what is it?

VistaCreate is a tool for working with images, videos, and animations of various formats, shapes, and sizes. It provides the best conditions for creating professional-like visual content spending the minimum required time and resources. The main reason for this is that the VistaCreate tool provides the elements created by professionals that are ready to be used. Some final modifications like size, alignment, colors, and other characteristics the users change by themselves.

Among the other advantages it’s worth mentioning:

  • free usage of most features with reasonable limits in choice (mostly for photos and videos);
  • ample room for modifying and downloading in various formats to provide the multi-purpose usage of all the pictures created;
  • the tool is simple to use because you don’t need to install anything – just work through the browser and keep your projects saved in the cloud;
  • use the settings that allow saving the parameters of elements characteristic of brands;
  • use the social media post planning and tracking features;
  • explore the templates to enrich your ideas and add more colors to your concept.

The more you use VistaCreate for some specific purpose, the more helpful functions you discover.

How to create an album cover with the VistaCreate ideas

The first thing that comes to mind when people offer you to use some templates is that these ideas are not unique – but it’s not that strong with the VistaCreate possibilities. Using the templates, you can change anything – from the text to the background, so when you inspire, there’s no problem with customizing items you like.

For this you need to:

  1. Go to the website following the link above.
  2. Sign up for the platform.
  3. Go to the Templates folder.
  4. Choose the Covers and headers menu.
  5. Find Album covers.

When you scroll through the ideas and select some, you can mark them as favorites to have fast access to them from the editing window. Keep in mind that if you want to post it to social media, it’s better to choose the relevant format from the beginning, because there’s no chance to resize the project for free.

VistaCreate is the best chance to create a top album cover with the minimum effort and time required. But when it comes to creative work, nothing should interfere with your imagination. Have the pleasure to work with the most features available for free and creating the best covers with VistaCreate!

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