A New Arrival of Par Stage Lights, Light Sky’s PL1915

Whether it’s an indoor theater performance or an outdoor event like weddings, parties, concerts, or anything else, stage lighting equipment is among the most frequently used lighting systems in the global entertainment industry. The bottom line is that par stage lights and their amazing ambiance-creating effect are genuinely beloved by all kinds of stages.

New Arrival from Light Sky: PL1915 Par Stage Lights

No matter what kind of scene you need to capture in specialized lighting, the PL1915 par stage lights from Light Sky are a great option. A compelling reason to check them out is the LED beam effect, one of their many original features.

Here are a few of the additional characteristics:

-Effects of Various Color Temperature

Light Innovative par stage lights from Sky can be customized to fit your unique moments because they can produce dynamic visual effects for scenes that call for the right modification settings. These various preset options are then applicable.

The impressive color temperature range offered by the preset variety includes 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, 6800K, 7600K, and even 8500K. The best part is that you can choose from any of these color temperature effects to add a direct impact that you can use to draw attention to various scenes at various times. Through the R, G, and B channel control systems, you can also modify the saturation of the color temperature.

-Lighting with a single button

The fact that these spar stage lights have a single button that quickly switches between one light effect, and another is another impressive feature. As a result, the change in light and color is seamless and organic. The ultra-bright strobe’s functionality also helps to maintain light brightness after a quick flash. These par stage lights are much more user-friendly than the competition because of their quick and adaptable methods for intelligently realizing the light function switch.


Light Sky has a strong industrial foundation in the area, which gives us authority and a distinct advantage over rivals in the market. Light Sky’s top-notch goods satisfy the requirements of clients from abroad, enabling them to proudly export lighting goods around the world.

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