A Beginner's Guide to Ordering Shrooms Online

A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Shrooms Online

Indulging in the mystical and therapeutic effects of magic mushrooms has never been easier for Canadians. Gone are the days when you had to go to a forest or a grassy field to look for mushrooms. Today, ordering shrooms online has never been this easy. You can easily access your favorite psychedelic shrooms at Zoomies Canada.

Ordering shrooms online is a convenient option for those looking to purchase psilocybin products. It’s similar to online shopping: you add your desired items to your cart, checkout, pay, and wait for your order to arrive. This method of purchasing mushrooms can benefit individuals with busy schedules, disabilities, or social anxiety.

With dispensaries now offering delivery to customers’ doorsteps, there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home to fulfill your psilocybin needs.

Shopping at reputable dispensaries online can offer a comfortable and convenient experience, especially for those who prefer online shopping. Take your time when browsing the wide variety of strains and psilocybin-containing products available, particularly for beginners who may feel overwhelmed by the options.

What to Consider When Ordering Shrooms Online?

Always use a guide when buying mushroom strains online. This will help you choose a safe online store and select a high-grade product. Taking the time to do your research is better than wasting your money on a product that will disappoint you.

Choose a Reputable Store

When you go to Google and type “shroom dispensary near me,” you’ll find numerous online stores on the search result page.

Does it mean you choose the first dispensary that appears on the list? No.

Not all dispensaries online are equal. Some have excellent customer service but poor product quality, while others have limited product selection.

When choosing an online dispensary, make sure that it includes everything you need. That means excellent customer service, lab-tested and high-quality products, a wide selection of strains, fast shipping, good deals and promotion, and quality reviews from real customers. Once you have all these boxes ticked, you can make a purchase from them.

Product Preference

When visiting an online shroom store, you will see plenty of psychedelic products such as dried shrooms, edibles, capsules, and drinks. Each product has different potencies, advantages, and benefits for the user. You will need to research which product will suit your preference.

For a short explanation, here is a detail of each product:

  • Dried shrooms: You can find multiple strains, such as Golden Teacher, Penis Envy, Blue Meanies, Alacabenzi, etc. To make a smart purchasing decision, one must conduct thorough research on each strain as they contain varying amounts of psilocybin.
  • Edibles: These products are an excellent alternative to dried mushrooms. Edibles are gummies or chocolate bars containing psilocybin. Like the mushroom, the effects are potent but last longer. If you like to mask mushrooms’ bitter, earthy taste, then edibles are for you.
  • Capsules: Psilocybin users can take capsules for macrodosing, which involves taking a large amount of psilocybin, or microdosing, which involves taking small, sub-perceptual doses. Capsules are a convenient way to microdose with shrooms since they contain small, easily-taken amounts of psilocybin, similar to a vitamin pill.
  • Shroom drinks: These are beverages containing psilocybin and come in different forms like tea, energy drink, coffee, or elixir mixture.

Dosage and Potency of Product

The appropriate dosage of psilocybin varies from person to person and depends on both your experience with the substance and your desired outcome. For beginners, it’s best to start with strains of average potencies, such as Golden Teachers, or with edibles and other psilocybin-containing products that make it easy to control the dosage.

Deals and Promotions

One of the benefits of online dispensaries is the availability of numerous deals and discounts available. Unlike physical dispensaries, online stores give their customers more chances of acquiring their psychedelic needs at the best and most affordable prices.

You can find dispensaries offering 20% off on the first order, free shipping, a special day discount, etc. Consider these promotions to save more money when purchasing online.


As the number of online transactions increases, so are hackers and scammers. Their existence can threaten online shopping, but some dispensaries ensure that every transaction on their site is safe and secure. You will know if a website is secured by having an SSL certification (HTTPS at the beginning of the web address and a padlock symbol).

Shipping Policy

Each dispensary has a different shipping policy. When choosing an online store to transact with, you will want a shorter shipping time and access to your city. You will not want a dispensary that will take a week or two for you to get your orders. The shorter the time of preparation and shipment, the better.

Customer Service

Some companies overlook the importance of the repurchase stage in the customer buying cycle. Repurchasing is the end goal of the cycle, and companies strive to satisfy their customers to gain positive reviews and build loyalty.

A reputable dispensary should make every step of the customer’s purchase easy and accessible, which includes providing excellent customer service.

If an online dispensary fails to promptly answer your queries or doesn’t help you track your orders, it’s a sign that you should look for another dispensary.

Order Shrooms Online at Zoomies Canada

Ordering shrooms online is the most convenient way to shop for psilocybin. These dispensaries provide a door-to-door delivery and accessible websites where you can choose the product you want. You only have to research to get a suitable product from a reputable online source. Use the tips in this listed above and conduct more in-depth research to get your money’s worth.

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