Top 10 reasons to travel to New Zealand

Top 10 reasons to travel to New Zealand

New Zealand is often touted as one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit on Earth, so let’s take a look at ten reasons why.

New Zealand is a vast and beautiful island that neighbours Australia. Much smaller in size and ,possibily, popularity, it should never be a travel destination that is overlooked.

The nation is known for rugby, Maori culture, and some of the most stunning landscapes known to man. If you’re looking for a reason to visit, we’ll give you ten!

  1. The beaches

Thanks to it being an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, the beaches in New Zealand are out of this world.

New Zealand is home to stunning coastal stretches like Matati Bay and Ninety Mile Beach, to name but a few. In fact, Ninety Mile Beach is worth a visit on its own, for being one of the longest beaches in the world.

A country filled to the brim with natural beauty, the beaches are certainly one of the reasons to visit New Zealand.

  1. Mountains

The natural beauty of New Zealand is far too much to be summed up in just one point. There are many breathtaking mountain ranges in the region, and many of them are well worth a trip to New Zealand.

The Southern Alps mountain range is one of the most popular and often visited in the country.

  1. The culture

New Zealand has a vast and fascinating culture that is deeply rooted in the indigenous communities of the land.

Māori culture is one of the most interesting in the world and takes shape in the form of notable things like the haka, carving, tattoos, and so much more that can only truly be experienced in real life. The culture of this country is certainly one of the best reasons to travel to New Zealand.

  1. The people

People from New Zealand, known as Kiwis, have a fantastic reputation as a friendly and welcoming bunch.

The Kiwi nickname came about during the First World War, and it has remained ever since. If you plan to travel to New Zealand, you can bet you will be met with a warm and open welcome.

  1. The lakes

Harking back to natural beauty, New Zealand has an abundance of lakes that will really take your breath away.

Lakes in this part of the world are usually stunningly blue with a picture-perfect backdrop of mountains and beautiful horizons.

If it’s natural beauty your after, no country really compares to what New Zealand has to offer.

  1. The food

If you’re trying to think of another reason to visit, think about the food. Kiwi food is made of an interesting mix of dishes, flavours and tastes.

Fish is one thing that they know how to do right, so if you enjoy fresh and delicious shellfish, you need to come and try it for yourself!

Interestingly, New Zealanders have actually claimed pavlova as their national dish! So, if you also have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect country to visit for you.

  1. Rugby

If you’re a fan of rugby, then that’s a reason to visit New Zealand alone. The national rugby union team, known as the All Blacks, are one of the most famous teams around the world.

Rygby is considered the national sport of New Zealand, so if you want to witness the incredible spectacle of the sport in real life, and of course, the haka that precedes it, take a trip to New Zealand for an unforgettable display!

  1. Wine

If you’re partial to a delicious glass of vino, New Zealand has a wine culture that rivals the likes of France and Argentina.

Winemakers from New Zealand have some of the most delicious ranges of red and white wine available, a reason to visit the region alone!

  1. Extreme sports

For the adventurers and thrill-seekers among us, New Zealand has an abundance of places to partake in extreme sports that aren’t for the faint-hearted.

From glacier skiing and snowmobiling to freediving and white water rafting, New Zealand should certainly be on any thrill-seeker’s bucket list.

  1. National parks

No list of reasons to visit New Zealand would be complete without pointing out the range of unforgettable national parks available for you to discover.

The country has 13 national parks, every single one of which offers something incredible and mesmerising to discover. From Tongariro National Park to Arthur’s Pass and so much more, the beauty offered in New Zealand’s national parks will be something you’ll never forget.

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