9 Reasons Why You Should Watch a Bollywood Film

9 Reasons Why You Should Watch a Bollywood Film

A Bollywood film is typically about love, honesty, and being yourself without worrying about what other people may think of you. It also centers on beauty and style rather than just the lines with which actors say in the film like South Asian dramas do. It is the first South Asian film genre to become popular in the West.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Bollywood films is that they are an excellent way for those not accustomed to the Hindi language and its style to experience Indian culture. This style takes influences from music, dance, and mythology. Even if you don’t fully understand it all, watching a Bollywood film can be an entertaining way to explore India’s culture. Here are 9 reasons why you should watch a Bollywood film:

1. The Music:

Bollywood is known for its incredible musical score, and even Bollywood musicals have had great music. It also tends to be based around Indian music rather than Western music since the Indian classical form of music is more prevalent in India. There is no doubt that a Bollywood film will have its share of great dance numbers and beautiful music bringing the film together.

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 If the Hindi language and culture are not your things but you do want to learn about the history of India’s dance forms, watching a Bollywood film would be an excellent way to do so.

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  2. Uniqueness:

Bollywood films have always been known for showing respect for an individual or group in society by sincerely portraying them – even if they are not one of the people who would fit into the upbeat category described by traditional Indian culture.

It is often shown that the individual views themselves as a misfit, an outcast, or a loser. Usually, this person dresses and acts in a way that traditional Indian society would not approve of.

It shows how Bollywood films are more about taking risks associated with being yourself rather than following society’s rules. If you are looking for a movie that shows how to be yourself regardless of what others think, there is no better film than Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur.

3. The Humor:

As with all comedy, Bollywood is no exception. Humorous situations can be found anywhere, but in a Bollywood film, you are likely to find both intentional and unintentional humor. The main reason for this is that dialogues are written in how they would be spoken rather than written. It also contributes to the visually appealing qualities that make Bollywood films popular.

4. The Dancing:

Dancing is a huge part of Bollywood films. One of the main differences between Western and Bollywood dances is that Bollywood dancing tends to involve two people dancing together rather than a solo artist. Rather than the lines they say, the facial emotions and physical gestures play an essential role in these forms of dance. This also contributes to making them more entertaining to watch as you can enjoy both what they are saying and their movements and poses.

5. It’s a Lot of Fun:

Bollywood films have a lot of fun moments that make them entertaining to watch. They have incredible dancing, showing off new styles such as hip-hop and Latin that you may not see anywhere else. Bollywood is known for its crazy music videos and the over-the-top acting and singing by the leading actors. If you liked movies like Bend It Like Beckham or Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you would love to watch a Bollywood film.

6. The Scenery

A Bollywood film will take you to places, in addition to showing you the culture of a country and its people, other films may not explore that. For example, if you were interested in India as a tourist, watching a Bollywood film about Indian culture would teach you many of its customs and traditions that might not be shown anywhere else.

7. The Costume:

Bollywood films are known for their elegant and beautiful costumes. This is because the Indian culture has been well preserved in many ways, primarily through its music and art. Bollywood’s films typically use Indian saris and other traditional Indian dresses such as the ghagra choli to set the mood of a movie.

8. Learn About Indian Culture:

If you want to learn more about Indian culture, there is no better way than watching a Bollywood film as they are full of many different aspects of Indian culture such as clothing, customs, hairstyles, music, and dance styles. You will be entertained and better informed about what it might be like to live in India.

9. The Stories

Bollywood films tell stories that are based on Indian culture and its history. These stories sometimes follow a particular level, but most tend to be loosely based on elements of history. If you want to learn about India as a whole, rather than just a singular place or thing, watching a Bollywood film can be a fantastic way to do so.

Conclusion: There is a definite pleasure associated with watching a Bollywood film. You may not always love an actor or how the story is told, but you will be entertained. Bollywood films are often very family-oriented and make for beautiful evenings out and evenings at home and holidays.

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