3 Signs Youre Lacking Confidence (and What To Do About It)

3 Signs Youre Lacking Confidence (and What To Do About It)

Lack of confidence is debilitating, not only can it stop you making crucial steps towards your own goals in life, but it also has the power to affect your relationships with others, as well as with yourself.

Lack of confidence can come in many different ways, as there may be areas of your life you feel extremely confident about, but others in which you have zero confidence. You might not even be aware that your behavior reflects a lack of self-confidence, which is why it’s important to watch out for the signs.

What Causes Lack of Confidence in Men?

There can be many reasons why a man in particular may be suffering with a lack of confidence. It could be due to an upbringing where you were constantly told you weren’t good enough; perhaps you have been party to negative relationships, whether friendships or romantic, where you were made to feel that you were lacking. It’s also easy for confidence to naturally be lost as you grow older or are put in new situations. Men still lag behind in discussions on mental health and the amount of toxic masculinity in our society still has a profoundly negative impact on men as well as women. Sometimes, there can also be health issues out of your control which result in side-effects that make you feel less confident.

3 Signs You’re Lacking Confidence

Here are some top signs for men that may signal your confidence is in need of a boost.

  1. Your Sex Drive is Low

One area that self-confidence is reflected is in the bedroom. If you don’t feel confident in yourself, whether this is regarding who you are as a person or your physical condition, then your sex drive can plummet as a result. You may find that you lack the ability to maintain an erection, or perhaps never feel in the mood.

Aside from lack of self-confidence, there are other health reasons your sex drive can take a hit, so it’s always important to get this checked out. Therapies such as testosterone treatment exist for men who may be suffering lack of libido due to unbalanced testosterone levels.

  1. You’re Always Worrying About What Other People Think

It’s possible to be a confident person but still care about what people think; there’s nothing wrong with taking other people’s views into account. However, the problem starts when your constant worrying about what people think pertains to your personality or appearance and stops you from doing things that you really want to do. Lack of confidence in yourself can be reflected in a constant worry of other people’s reaction to what you do, say or wear – which may result in you avoiding saying anything altogether, or perhaps avoiding social situations, too.

  1. You’re Afraid to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Having confidence doesn’t mean a lack of fear. Many people who try new things and step out of their comfort zone are scared to do so, but accept the challenge anyway. However, if you’re constantly playing it safe and never willing to try anything new, then this can be a sign that you’re worrying too much about what other people think or doubting your own ability to succeed.

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