3 coins with less than $50 million in market cap

3 coins with less than $50 million in market cap

In the crypto world, fortunes rise up and move down fast. Volatility dominates the space more than various other factors. There are many cryptos by market cap. The leading one by market cap that grew in its value by above 10 times at some points in the last year is Bitcoin. Yet it saw major value plunges. Many cryptos managed to emerge at the top. Within a few months, cryptos skyrocketed in value, number and interest. But their values fell again before they leveled off. Many new cryptos are invested in the secured crypto market each week now. Many blockchain-linked start-ups followed their path. Yet frequently got bolstered by primary fundraising efforts via ICOs.

Purchasing less costly small caps with the hope that prices may rise is basically a strategy unrestricted to trading in the stock market. Crypto investors do the same. They park their money in cryptos with small-cap and pray for some windfall. However, it can be risky according to experts.

More than 6000 cryptos and tokens circulate worldwide. Spotting some multi-bagger soon is not possible. Similar to the stock market, a crypto world has large, small, and mid-cap tokens and coins.

Any small-cap cryptocurrency or penny cryptocurrency is a currency having a market capitalization. It is usually in the range of $5-15 million. On the other $100 million-$500 million is that of mid-caps. Cryptocurrencies bear a market cap of over $500 million. They are circulated widely and marketed too. They earn the tag of the large-cap.

One of the perfect strategies for growth capital from cryptocurrencies is finding low-cap coins having huge potential.

Any coin under the $50 million mark in market cap is particularly very good. It is because:

  • Microcap coins have a lot of room for expanding
  • Demand for some potential microcaps will be high always among investors
  • Projects with small-cap are new and frequently under observation

If you wish to invest in the best crypto this year, yet you are struggling to separate the best from the worst or good from ugly then check out the three coins mentioned below. Keep an eye on them. Moreover, if you are in search of the next big crypto project with a small market cap now, you must consider these three coins.

Numbers Protocol:

  • It looks like recently in a few years all has been moving towards the blockchain.
  • Yet very few projects came up with the idea of creating some decentralized network of the photo.
  • Here artists or creators will be able to share all their work safely and securely.
  • It is tending to address such a problem.
  • It will do so by offering the required infrastructure for the crypto ecosystem.
  • There is a huge popularity of NFTs. It has increased too.
  • Numbers Protocol can see a huge gain.
  • Its market capitalization is still at $38 million.

Gods Unchained:

  • It is worth checking out GameFi, an area of the blockchain industry of blockchain.
  • Many games there.
  • Some have made great money.
  • Gods Unchained has that type of prospect.
  • This card game is free of cost.
  • It will let users earn cryptocurrency rewards while playing.
  • $35 million is the market cap of this crypto project.

Cream Finance:

  • It is a lending protocol.
  • Cream Finance has been designed with various goals. One of it being offering cryptocurrency-backed loans to different people worldwide.
  • Many lending protocols are there.
  • But it is trying to provide users with the best terms apart from easily accessing collateralized loans.
  • With only a $14 million market cap you will be able to unlock many future prospects using this coin.


Ensure your portfolio is properly diversified. Always find if the cryptos cover a variety of market caps, project types, or risk levels. Now the market of crypto is continuously trading sideways. This is because the leading cryptos; Bitcoin and Ethereum are struggling to hold support. The bearish trend will make an excellent time to select some undervalued coins. Yet cryptocurrency investors must always be cautious. They need to be very careful with penny cryptocurrencies. They must be aware of all rules and regulations related to crypto. An adverse government decision may be triggering any sell-off and bleeding small caps mostly.

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