Why Long Tail Pro is NOT The Best Keyword Research Software on The Market – Get My Review!

Why Long Tail Pro is NOT The Best Keyword Research Software on The Market – Get My Review!

Any website owner and blogger knows that to build an online business that thrives, it is crucial to learn the principles behind effective keyword research because it really is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. SEO, for short!


Because without the implementation of specific keywords in your online content, the 3 biggest search engines will not send you organic visitors who are “targeted”, and you will ultimately fail at earning money from the internet.

So I want to introduce you to something that may or may not be the perfect tool for the success of your online business. But I will let you decide that for yourself…

Welcome To Long Tail Pro (V3)

Long Tail Pro is a step-by-step keyword research software that has apparently been tried and tested by more than 70,000 internet marketing professionals and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists worldwide, since 2011!

The software is designed so your online content can get indexed on the first pages of the major search engines from implementing low competition, traffic producing, longtail keyword phrases.

According to the sales page, the LTP keyword tool creates long-term and constant website traffic and is claimed to be the “#1 keyword research and competitor analysis software” on the internet. But is there any evidence to prove this bold claim to be true? Hmmm, let’s dig into this system for the true facts!


Let’s discover the Good and the Bad points of using the software…


  • You can quickly uncover keyword phrases in any niche
  • It’s 8xquicker than the Market Samurai software (which isn’t difficult)
  • There’s a30 day money-back guarantee
  • It offers you a free 10day trial
  • Receive free bonuses when choosing “annual” membership


  • The cost is a little steep. There are cheaper alternative tools
  • It must be downloaded onto a computer
  • It’s retailed by ClickBank. ClickBank has a reputation for promoting “low quality” products
  • Your bank card details are required before starting your free trial

Who Will Benefit From Using The Long Tail Pro Keyword Software?

This keyword tool is ideal for the following:

  • Online Marketers
  • Individuals in the Affiliate Marketing industry
  • Content markers, like bloggers
  • SEO professionals
  • Product inventors
  • Experts in social media
  • Offline business owners who want to expand online
  • People paying for ads

Long Tail Pro is perfect for anyone who is just about to start a business online, who is building an internet business at present, and who wants traffic to their static website or ever-evolving blog.

Does Training Exist and What Tools Are Available?

You will be as pleased as punch to know that video training is easily accessible and there are a few effective tools to utilize for saving you both time and effort online.

Training At Your Fingertips

 Once you sign up for your free trial, you are immediately directed to a Thank You page with access to an 11 minute “Quick Start Guide” video. Also on that page when you click on “Click here for all demo videos”, you will discover 6 more “How To” walk-through videos that cover using every aspect of the software in more detail.

The Tools To Get The Job Done

  • Keyword Research– Capture thousands of keyword phrases within seconds from your “seed” keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis– Spy on your Google page 1 competitors. Discover what they’re doing for top rankings.
  • Pay-Per-Click Analysis– Uncover lucrative online niche markets, based on the cost of keywords.
  • Real-Time Filtering– Filter your keyword results in various ways to build lists of “laser targeted” ones to use.
  • Exact Match Domain Check– Check your keyword phrases against the availability of Domain Names and extensions.
  • Adding Notes– Organize your keywords more efficiently by attaching personal notes to each one.
  • Rank Checker– Monitor the page ranking positions of your content on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.
  • Export Results– With a simple click of a mouse button you can export your data to spreadsheets.

Can You Request Help and Support?

Yep, you sure can!

There are 3 ways you can politely ask for help and support if you’re at your “wit’s end” with any aspect of the Long Tail Pro system.

  • You can type a topic into the search bar to discover answers to Frequently Asked Questions and also help with Troubleshooting.
  • Submit a ticket to the customer services team at the help desk with your queries.
  • Touch base with other software users and the team within the Platinum VIP Facebook Community.

How Much Money Will Platinum Membership Cost You?

There are 2 separate price-tags to pay if you want in on the Long Tail Pro software. And not forgetting the 10-day free trial thrown in either, so you can fool around before taking the plunge as a paying member!

Platinum “monthly” member = $37. You receive access to all the training, tools and help, I mentioned above.

Platinum “annual” member  = $352. The same benefits as a monthly member but with a couple of additional free bonuses. You also get access to Long Tail University (valued at $197) and annual access to a tool called SameID.net (valued at $278). Not to mention the 20% already knocked off the cost of annual Platinum.

So, What’s My Final Personal Opinion On Long Tail Pro?

The best thing about this keyword tool is that it does do what it states on the tin and actually works, which is great! The feature I really found the most enjoyment from was the keyword research tool itself (obviously) because I could easily pull Google keyword data from specific countries. Local searches and advertiser competition strength were also displayed.

That was also a favorite of mine since it saved heaps of time from having to break my back by manually searching Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the main keyword phrases that a few of my blog articles are ranking on page 1 for.

HOWEVER, there are some flaws with the keyword research software that really “rattle my cage” because I consider them as my “pet hates” when it comes to all keyword tools.

For starters, downloading keyword software and conducting searches too often within a specific time frame can land your IP address on Google’s “naughty step”, which is not ideal for your online business!

Secondly, I hated having to log in to my Google account just to use the software because maybe it opened a door to more trouble by exposing my cards to Google. Unless it was me just being paranoid! LOL.

Thirdly, for the software to display “Keyword Competitiveness”, I had to create an SEOmoz account and create an API key so that I didn’t get blocked from accessing the data I wanted to see.

Four – Although the system is “apparently” eight times faster than the Market Samurai keyword tool. I still had to wait a short while for 800 keyword phrases to be generated from my seed keyword “make money online.” However, it is slightly quicker than Market Samurai, so I might just give LTP that one!

So, do I rate Long Tail Pro as the No.1 keyword software on the internet? Absolutely, NOT!

It’s not the best tool for marketers I’ve encountered online, so I vote it as just another “Average” tool on the market!

Now, how about a keyword tool that’s much faster at pulling keyword data from all 3 important search engines, one that is “server” based so nothing to install on your computer and no “additional” accounts to sign up for or search engine complications to experience, and one that’s greater value for money?

Is there such a keyword tool that exists?

Oh, YES there is, and you’re not dreaming, my friend!

 If you have any questions or feedback to add on the Long Tail Pro or even the Jaaxy keyword tool, then please do pop your comments underneath my article.

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