What is Phom and the Latest Rules for Playing Phom

Many people wonder Phom game rules What to do when playing phom, because this is the most popular game today. The game is available in all regions and many countries around the world. Just that alone shows how hot the game is, and today’s article Trang chủ New88 I will share with you the rules of the game.

Find out what the phom card game is

Playing phom, also known by another name as ta la, uses 52 cards. Your task is to find and create phom to create the lowest score to win. A highly entertaining game, with the most intellectual competition.

The most popular types of phom

In Vietnam, the game Phom is popularly played in two regions: the North and the South. Next, we will learn about each type of phom according to each region to see what is different.

Phom in the North is popular with many people

The game is popularly played in the North, because it originated here, where this traditional card game first appeared. In the North, the rules for playing phom are a bit stricter, such as being the same color or suit.

Attractive southern Phom

For phom in the south, the rules of phom are more relaxed than in the north, and the pace and variations of the game are also faster. Some parts of the game rules have also been omitted, making it more entertaining than punishing.

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Learn about the new rules of phom ta la in the most detail

When it comes to the rules of playing phom, it’s not difficult at all. When you start the game, you will be dealt a total of 9 cards. Whoever plays first will receive an extra card. Just like that, each person in turn will pick a card and then fold it to play another card. The person who plays the next card can take the card of the person who played first to create phom.

If you get a buzzer, you will be the winner, if not, points will be calculated based on junk cards. Whoever has the lowest score will win.

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Instructions on how to play phom only to win

Once you understand the rules of playing phom, the next step is to understand how to play the game in the easiest way to win. If you don’t know, below we will share with you how to play phom to only win and not lose, you can refer to:

How to play Phom is quite simple, when the game starts, participants will bet money and be dealt 9 cards. The dealer will be dealt 10 cards to play one card first. The remaining remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table. Playing will take place clockwise, the first player will play a trash card to the next person. The next player will have two choices: one is to take that card if it forms a phom with your card. Or don’t play and proceed to draw another card on the table.

Next, that person will proceed to play the next card for the person next to them. The round continues like that until someone has a pile of cards, then that person will receive a reward. If the table has gone through four rounds and still no one buzzes or there are two people buzzing at the same time, everyone will lower phom and send cards. Then add up the points of the cards you have to determine who is the final winner.

Strategy for playing phom cards to win for sure

Some people who haven’t tried it think that playing phom is very difficult, but it’s quite the opposite. You just have to try it to know how simple and easy it is to win money. However, to win, you must firmly grasp the strategies we share below:

Memorize the cards

While playing cards, focus on remembering the cards you hold in your hand and your opponent’s as well. From there, you will know how to play cards, give out trash cards that your opponent cannot take, and avoid situations where you can take the village pawn.

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Be careful to avoid getting caught

When participating in playing phom, getting caught is something no one wants, so when you play a card, you have to use your brain to remember and judge whether your opponent will win or not. Guess if the attack is over or not, then if you feel safe then attack.

Show the lowest cards

Once the lowest cards are given, it will be very difficult for the opponent to win. From there, you will have a higher chance of winning from your phom game.

Our article has helped you discover what phom is and the rules of playing phom. We hope that with those shares you will be more confident and ready to participate in winning many attractive rewards from phom. New88 good luck.

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