What is Dragon Tiger? How to play Dragon Tiger correctly

What is Dragon Tiger? But nowadays there are so many people who are so passionate about betting? In online casinos, this is the game that is always among the top attractions. To introduce you to this game as well as the secret to always winning when playing Dragon Tiger, please read the article below.

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a game originating from Cambodia. Dragon Tiger is actually officially called Dragon Tiger. This is a game of the card game genre, one of the most popular card games in Asia.

When playing Dragon Tiger, players with more experience will win more easily. If you know how to play Baccarat, you will also see that this Dragon Tiger game has many similarities. However, the rules of Dragon Tiger are considered by players to be easier to play.

How to play Dragon Tiger card game

Once you understand what Dragon Tiger is, let’s learn about the rules of this attractive card game. Dragon Tiger card game is actually a game of placing the right bet and winning money. The game will use 52 cards. When playing, you will decide whether to bet on Dragon or Tiger – Dragon or Tiger.

Predict which door the card is on

In each game, the dealer will deal out 2 cards and the player will predict those 2 cards to place a bet. Dealer will deal 1 card to Dragon and 1 card to Tiger.

When the cards are turned over, if the Dragon card is larger, whoever bets on the Dragon card will win and vice versa. If the card on the tiger side is larger, players who confidently bet on the tiger side will win.

However, there is now one more tie door (Tie), players also have the right to bet on this bet. If the 2 cards in the Dealer’s hand have the same number of points, then the player who bets on this hand will win.

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What is the scoring method in the Dragon Tiger card?

In the Dragon Tiger game, scoring methods will be clearly defined from the beginning. Points will be calculated as follows:

  • Card A: corresponds to a total of 1 point
  • Card J: corresponds to 11 points
  • Q card: corresponds to a total of 12 points
  • Card K: corresponds to 13 points

Cards with numbers will have points equal to the number shown on the card. In fact, when playing online, the computer will calculate the score and announce the winner. However, we should also know how to calculate it so we can compare.

When participating in the game, players can bet arbitrary amounts of money. Of course, the amount the player bets must meet the bookmaker’s requirements.

What are the commonly used terms in Dragon Tiger?

When participating in any game, we should clearly understand the terms in that game to be able to play as smoothly as possible. Every card game has its own terms and so does Dragon Tiger.

Most of the Dragon and Tiger betting tables in Vietnam or the Asian market have Vietnameseized the terminology of this sport to make it extremely easy to understand. For example:

  • Dealer: Refers to the person who deals the cards in the betting game, usually representing the house
  • Dragon: Dragon bet – symbolized in red
  • Tiger: Tiger betting window – symbolized in blue
  • Tie: Draw bet – symbolized in green


Surely you already know what Dragon Tiger is through the article above. 789BET Link Mới Hopefully this information will be enough to help you confidently participate in entertainment with Dragon Tiger at the house. Wish you luck.

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