The hole that appeared after a match between Denmark and Austria

In mid-2022, after the most important European football leagues ended, the UEFA Nation Leagues went into turbo mode. Lots of matches were played in a relatively short period of time. The can be visited right now by anybody who wants to wager on the highly entertaining matches from that competition.

Lots of entertaining matches were played in that period. However, there was a particular event that caught the attention of all fans. Not because of a beautiful goal or because tons of goals were scored. Instead, there was an event that got everybody’s attention after a strange and even dangerous occurrence. The 1xBet website can be visited at any moment, and among other things, it has lots of matches from the UEFA Nations League.

An eventful match

Most football stadiums around the world have staff whose task is to keep the fields in the best possible state. It seems that this job wasn’t done well enough on the 6th of June 2022. Right now, you can find out live odds on, which allow you to make profitable wagers on matches played on beautiful pitches.

On that day, Austria received the Danish team in Vienna. The match started 90 minutes late after a power outage suffered by the stadium. Eventually, the match ended with Denmark winning 2-1. The goals were scored by:

  • Pierre-Emile Højbjerg;
  • Xaver Schlager;
  • and Jens Larsen.

As it can be seen, the match had quite an eventful beginning. However, fans at the stadium were able to enjoy a great and entertaining contest. The 1xBet website allows its members to find out great live odds on all these football matches from major competitions.

A dangerous occurrence

After the match ended and the TV broadcast was terminated, some footballers still remained on the field. They soon started to notice that there was something quite strange near the middle of the field. After a match like this finishes, you can try all slots games on and entertain yourself.

It turns out that a sinkhole had appeared in the middle of the pitch. Nobody clearly understood at the moment what exactly happened. Danish player Andreas Skov Olsen approached the hole and was able to put one of his legs until his knee, meaning that it was at least 50 centimeters deep. Also, the hole was also approximately 30 centimeters wide. While waiting for other bizarre occurrences like this, you can visit and try all slot games on the 1xBet website, which offers endless winning chances.

Everybody was asking the same question. What could have happened if the hole had been present during the match? Obviously, it was quite dangerous. A player could have suffered a career ending injury if his leg became trapped on it.

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