Casino 789Bet - Fascinating Slot Online with us

Casino 789Bet – Fascinating Slot Online with us

Slot machine has been popular since the late of 19th century. For those who are still curious, the first official slot machine was invented by Charles August Fey in 1894. At 789bet, we also provide the slot online that is familiar with those you have known. But, with us, you will get many high prices with a little bet, a fascinating thing that there is no platform has. Moreover, with many years of experience and development, we assure you will have the best feeling with our slot online. Let’s find out!

Play rules

Even if you are a new player, you will get along with our slot machine very quickly. The reason is the rules are so simple as well as easy to understand and win.

  •       When enter a playing room, please notice the minimum and maximum bet of that room and remember to place your bet in each row before starting.
  •       We provide the auto system for busy players, but notice your balance as well.
  •       Winning money is all yours, please provide exact and true personal information for your own sake.

The common terms

Besides luck, a pro player always know how the game operates based on common terms. Let’s discover what are those!

  •       Coin value: conversion rate between cash and coin in game.
  •       Bet: total coin for a rolling turn.
  •       Coin/Credit: total amount of coin in your ingame wallet.
  •       Win: number of coin you will get when winning.
  •       Max bet: The highest coin you can bet on a turn.
  •       Autoplay: Convinient and comfortable feature for busy players.
  •       Bonus game: Special reward for special slot.
  •       Free spin: Yes, you get another spin for nothing.
  •       Multiplier: Multiply your coin when hit.

How to play

So, you have known everything needed for becoming a slot online player. We will show you how to play slot machine in 789bet.

  •       Step 1: Access our website at
  •       Step 2: Click “Register” button to open new account.
  •       Step 3: Fill your personal information: User name, Password, Full name, Email address, Phone number.
  •       Step 4: Check your information again and press “Register”.

After finishing those steps, you can deposit money into your online account to start. We support various methods of payment for you. Don’t worry and start your game as soon as possible.

Our bountiful promotion programs

KN01 – Our best deals

This is where you can find the answers for all of your problems with our suppor team.

SL02 – For slot players only

For all players who wish to experience slot games such as: Ameba, Red tiger, Microgaming, Simple Play, CQ9, JDG. The only requirement is you must have a legit winning money in a three-day row with each day deposit is 100.000 Vietnamese dong in minimum.

SL03 – You play, you win

As long as you play with us, you will get bonus reward everyday.

SL04 – Coin insurance

With those who have negative balance from 350 points will get an insurance points up to 21.888 Vietnamese dong.

SL05 – Luck is no joke

Yes, there will be a hidden reward for everyone. The highest amount is 78.888 Vietnamese dong.

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SL06 – Jackpot

Hitting the jackpot is not everything. With each big win, you will get another reward of 18.888 Vietnamese dong.

To sum up, slot online with 789bet is a must for real players. With our online slot machine system, you will not only be filled with enjoyment but you could also change your life with our rewards. Don’t miss it! Start it today, now!


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