Project Cars 2- 5 Things to know about this best VR Racing Game

Project Cars 2- 5 Things to know about this best VR Racing Game

Project Cars 2 is a very hard and tricky motorsport video game but also one of the best VR racing game with a great weather model and a broad career mode.  You must know the following basic and secret things to stop you up against the wall. 

1# Check the Weather and the Seasonal Rotations:

The main objective of the Project Cars 2 is to keep an eye on the weather modifications, time of the day and of course seasonal changes. For instance, there will be a track nearby Mount Fuji. You can change it the way you want either spring or icy, snowy winters. In Project Cars 2 each track can be raced at any time of day and during any season.

2# Ample Tracks:

Project Cars 2 brings you plenty of tracks around 50 track locations. Few of the tracks include Rallycross Circuits like Daytona, Lydden Hill, Dirtfish, Knockhill and Lankebanen. Also, there will be snowy tracks for players to check how efficiently they race in.  

3# Dozens of Cars:

Project Cars Creations received a great criticism on the less availability of the cars. It was very disappointing for the players. Slightly Max Studios, the developers of the game realised it and looked into this matter as opposed to the 70 cars in the first game. Project Cars 2 features dozens of brand-new cars, around 170 cars like Spongebob Characters Cars List in Hot Wheels.

4# Fair Artificial Intelligence:

AI in the Project Cars seemed to be unbalanced and overly truculent. The PC2 will allow the players to adjust the aggression of the racers and the skill. You will have to upgrade your skill level so as to defeat the best racers and be in the Hall of Fame.

5# Multiplayer Enhancement:

Notably, PC2’s multiplayer will see outstanding improvements as compared to the Project Cars first game. Now, the game will track you and match you with other PC2 players in the globe who have the same level of skill and style of racing. 

6# Vintage Vehicles:

Another exciting feature waiting for PC2 lovers is racing vintage vehicles. You will be able to race both in and against classic, significant and vintage cars. This truly is a thrilling feature!

7# Astounding Visuals:

Project Cars 2 is making great efforts not only on its gameplay but also on its visuals. Project Cars 2 gives much brittle, excellent and sharper weather effects and sparkling light works. While racing GT cars in the Red Bull Ring, the transition of weather was just astonishing. As well as people driving along the Long Beach in an Indy Car with VR looked funky. 

8# Virtual Reality Mode:

Slightly Mad Studios, the developers of PC2 have launched the VR mode. To enable the VR mode:

  • Go to the options, virtual reality and tap on the Recenter View at Race Start to Always.
  • To activate the Project Cars in VR, right tap in the steam library and select Rift or HTC Vive VR mode.  
  • Go to the VR and modify the seat position plus height in the pause screen. 

It’s a good idea to go for the slower car on a flat circuit, for example Toyota GT86 at Hockenheim for your first VR race. 

9# Multi Class Racing:

PC2 lets the players take part in multi-class races. It allows the racers to race with more than one car at a time. Want to drive a Porsche, a Mini Cooper, and a Formula 1 car all at one time? Pc2 lets you do it. 

10# More Advancements:

Last but not least, PC2 has confirmed the support for Xbox and Playstation 4 Pro. Additionally, players will be able to play the game at 4K on a high-end computer. It has also been confirmed that Slightly Mad Studios will be going one step further with a 12K triple monitor support in the game. 

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