Petar Zekavica - biography

Petar Zekavica – biography

Petar Zekavica was born on October 8, 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia.

In 1990, his father got a job in the representative office of the Yugoslav state company, and the family of the future actor left for Sofia (Bulgaria), and then settled in Moscow.

“I had just started to get used to life in a Soviet school in Bulgaria when we learned that my father had decided to go to work in Russia. Moving again – a new school, a new country “, – said the actor in an interview with the magazine” Collection. Caravan of stories “(May 2020).

After graduating from high school, Petar entered a school with in-depth study of English and passed the international test in English and entrance exams to universities in several countries.

Zekavitsa was invited to study at the University of Hawaii Pacific, where he studied under the guidance of Oacian.

“While studying at the University of Hawaii, I discovered acting and directing! I made friends from the acting department, where I signed up as a free listener, “- said the actor in an interview with Collection. Caravan of stories “(May 2020).

At the university, the first appearance of Petar on the stage took place – he took part in a student production of a play by the wonderful satirist Janusz Glovatsky.

There, in the educational theater, Zekavitsa gathered a small team of like-minded people, who in 1998 helped him to shoot the short film “Pagliacci”, the full name of which is “The clown always comes home alone.”

After graduating from Hawaii Pacific University, Petar moved to live and work in New York.

“In New York, I devoted all my free time to cultural educational programs: I went to Broadway performances, art performances, and disappeared all day at the Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museums. Inspired! “- said the actor in an interview with the magazine” Collection. Caravan of stories “(May 2020).

In 2002, Petar Zekavitsa came to Russia, where, together with Alexander Belanov, he launched the musical entertainment TV show “Shershe la Fan” on the REN-TV channel.

In 2004 he played Daniel Berger in the film Dear Masha Berezina.

In 2005, the actor played in the play “Glinka” directed by Jean-Frank Charansson at the Theater. Mayakovsky.

In 2019, he played Fyodor Schwartz in the military-historical film The Union of Salvation, which tells the story of the Decembrist uprising of 1825 in the capital of the Russian Empire, St. Petersburg.


2002 – Prize of the International Film Festival “Without Barriers” – Audience Choice Award – for the film “Alena’s Rule”
2004 – Medal for the contribution to the development of culture and science in Russia – for the film “Alena’s Rule”
2013 – Prize of the Ulyanovsk International Film Festival – Best Actor for a Role in the film “I Leave You Love” (directed by Yegor Grammatikov, 2013)

A family

Daughter – Sophia (born 2008)
Son – Makitah (born 2014)

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