Olympiad Exam 2022 Expected Exam Dates: 5 Motivation Tricks to succeed your child in Olympiad 2022

Would you like to identify the best actions to maintain motivation throughout your study day? We show you everything you need to know below! But before that, let us aware you that the platform such as https://essay.org/ also teaches children on the concept of Essay writing with a ease learning.

Set small goals

It is common that when facing a hard day of study, motivation decreases with the passing of the hours. However, through setting small goals, we can lengthen the duration of our motivation.

Upon reaching each of the set objectives, we will feel more productive, more fulfilled and with a more positive attitude to complete the entire study, by being able to observe how little by little we are able to fulfil what we have proposed.

It is essential to be realistic with the objectives set, knowing our capabilities and the control we have over the agenda. You can download and enhance your confidence through solving the various sample papers.

Take breaks

Breaks are one of the most important parts for our concentration and motivation. When we spend a long time studying, we tend to feel more and more fatigue and tiredness, since we have not allowed the brain to disconnect.

By taking rest periods we manage to clear our heads and recover the necessary strength to return to the study of the subject. Thus, we can resume our study day with greater energy and vitality.

Likewise, it will be essential to sleep around 8 hours a day so that sleep does not affect our performance.

Create a study routine

To ensure that our motivation remains active for a longer time, we can resort to the development of a study routine. We can only get used to it through repetition, so consistency will be vital.

In the same way, we will prepare a list of all the tasks that we have to carry out and all the subjects that we must study to create a calendar where we will assign which day, we are going to carry out each task.

Through this guideline we guarantee that we can deliver all the works on time and that we have been able to learn all the lessons in a timely manner, before a test or exam. Thus, we also prevent a stress situation from appearing due to the impossibility of being prepared.

When I was in my freshman year of high school, once a week I had a subject called Study Techniques. It lasted half an hour from school hours (something like 40 minutes).

Although the objective of the subject was to teach organizational methods and study techniques, none of the students gave them much importance. I include myself. It was almost an hour off.

Over time I realized how important that subject was. Although still, paying due attention to 40 minutes per week, much could not be done either.

However, despite the little importance that I gave it, I remember one of the first tips that those teachers who taught that subject gave us with fire:

“You don’t have to study lying in bed”

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