KAIAO: Your High-Efficiency Online CNC Machining Manufacturer

KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited is a reputable and high-efficiency online CNC machining manufacturer, boasting over two decades of experience in delivering flawless CNC precision machined parts. With a dedicated team of experts serving engineers and product developers worldwide, KAIAO is committed to fulfilling instant orders online and providing exceptional CNC machining services.

Advanced Precision Machines for Optimal Results

At KAIAO, precision is at the core of their CNC machining service. Utilizing internationally recognized advanced CNC software and state-of-the-art machining equipment, including 17 high-precision, high-efficiency 3-axis CNC VMCs (Vertical Machining Centers), KAIAO delivers outstanding results. These precision machines are adept at engineering plastics and soft metal alloys, catering to a wide range of industry needs.

Precision Parts for Rapid Prototyping and Production

KAIAO’s CNC department excels in producing rapid prototypes and direct part productions based on clients’ CAD data. By integrating modern technologies and manual techniques, KAIAO achieves the highest international production standards for every project. Businesses can trust KAIAO to deliver CNC precision parts with unmatched accuracy and quality.

Precision at the Heart of Service

At KAIAO, precision is not just limited to the machining process; it permeates throughout their entire operation. Their team of professional CNC technicians boasts vast experience in CNC programming and processing. Daily, they consign projects with the right materials and processes, ensuring that each project receives tailored attention and meticulous care. Additionally, KAIAO offers alternative solutions when needed, providing flexibility and innovative thinking to meet unique project requirements.


KAIAO Rapid Manufacturing Co., Limited stands as a high-efficiency online CNC machining manufacturer, driven by precision and excellence. With advanced precision machines, production of top-quality precision parts, and a dedicated team of experienced CNC technicians, KAIAO fulfills instant orders with efficiency and accuracy. Whether it’s rapid prototyping or direct part production, businesses can rely on KAIAO as their trusted CNC machining partner to deliver outstanding results that meet and exceed their expectations. Experience the precision and reliability of CNC machining service with KAIAO, the leading manufacturer in the industry.


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