Interesting facts about Joao Felix

Joao Felix is one of the most popular singers in Brazil and in the world. His songs are mostly in Portuguese but he has many fans who understand the lyrics. Joao Felix was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 12, 1979. He started his music career before he was even 17 years old. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the best-selling and most-iconic artists in the world. His album, ‘Aqui Abaixo’, which means ‘Here Below’ in English, reached diamond sales status, meaning it has been sold in large quantities. This amazing feat was achieved only by one other artist in the last year: Taylor Swift. In 2019 alone, his album, ‘Eterno’, has sold over 500,000 copies in the US alone, making it the 8th best-selling album of the year. It has been said that JF’s voice is described as “euphoric” and “soulful.”

Here, we’re going to tell you some interesting facts about Joao Felix that you might not know:

He Started Out As An Opera Singer

Before he became a famous pop star, Joao Felix performed opera in public houses and schools. He always performed for children, as he says: “I love children and I love to make them happy”. However, he did not always enjoy performing for children. One time, he tried out a song for a group of children and their parents and he did not like it. He was upset because he felt the parents were laughing at him, instead of enjoying his performance. This made him realize that he needs to find a way to entertain the parents as well as the children at the same time. He decided to switch to pop music and the result was spectacular. By the way, if you are betting on sports and want to get a bonus code, go to and collect your bonuses.

He Is The First Latin Artist To Have Two Number One Singles In The US

Joao Felix is the first Brazilian artist to have two number one singles in the US. The first was ‘Amigo’, which he released in 2016 and it became his second song to reach number one in the country, following the hit, ‘Eu Te Amo’. ‘Amigo’ hit the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 upon its release in 2016, becoming Joao Felix’s second number one single in the US. In May 2019, he released his third US number one single, ‘Feliz Natal’. This makes him the first Latin artist to have multiple number one singles in the country. It also makes him one of the most successful foreign-language singers in the US. It should be noted that both ‘Amigo’ and ‘Eu Te Amo’ were inspired by Selena’s death earlier that year. ‘Amigo’ was released in 2016 and is dedicated to her; ‘Eu Te Amo’ was released the following year and is an ode to her. Selena was the first artist to have multiple number one singles in the country, with 15 to her name.

He Sings In Portuguese But Has Many Fans Who Understand The Lyrics

One of the main reasons why Joao Felix is so popular is because of his songs. They are mostly in Portuguese but have been translated into English as well. Some of his biggest hits include ‘Bicha’, ‘Tiago’, ‘Tropical’, and ‘Você’. ‘Bicha’ means “to have sex with someone. The song is about trying to seduce a girl and it has a very naughty twist to it. The chorus goes: “Baby, bicha, você está louca, eu estou louco por causa dela” (“Baby, you’re so crazy, I’m crazy for her”). ‘Tiago’ was inspired by a book that JF read as a kid, ‘A Venida da Guia’, or ‘The Coming of Age’, which he describes as a story about a young boy becoming a man. The song is about facing challenges and being strong. The chorus includes the lines, “Você me dá dores no coração, meu amor. Meu coração tem trono de ferro. Eu te amo, Tiago” (“You give me pain in my heart, my love. My heart is a throne of iron. I love you, Tiago”). ‘Tropical’ was inspired by a trip JF took to the island of St Barts. He fell in love with the island and wanted to share it with his fans. In the song, he sings about wanting to give them a taste of the tropics, whether they want to go there or not. The song is about being yourself and not caring what others think of you. The chorus goes: “Não se preocupe com os outros, seja o que seja. É melhor ser você mesmo, que todos sejam vocês. Seja o que seja” (“Do not worry about what others think, be yourself. It is better to be you, so everyone becomes you. Be what you are”). ‘Você’ was inspired by an old Brazilian song that JF learned as a child. He wanted to bring it to life and make it his own. The song talks about loyalty, family, and love. The chorus includes the lines, “Eu te amo, pai. Você também me ama, filho. Eu vou te dizer: tudo bem, irmão. É melhor vocês saberem. Eu te amo, irmão. Você também me ama, pai. Tudo bem, filho. Vamos ajudar a nosso irmão enquanto pudermos” (“I love you, Dad. You also love me, son. I will tell you: all right, brother. It is better for you to know. I love you, Dad. You also love me, brother. It is better for you to know. I love you, Dad. You also love me, brother. It is better for you to know.”).

He Is A Master Of Self-Promotion

One of the things that make Joao Felix so famous is his ability to self-promote. He is very good at making the most of opportunities that come his way. For example, he took a selfie with Taylor Swift at the 2019 Met Gala and it went viral. He is also very good at social media, especially TikTok. His fans follow him on TikTok and other platforms, where he shares funny memes and videos. He also has a strong following on Instagram, where he posts about his music, his travels, and funny memes. He has over 500 million followers there.


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