How to log in to when blocked

In the previous article, we have shown the reasons for the blocked problem of Today, we will teach you how to fix this issue in a few simple ways. Let’s get into it now!

Change your IP address

Big network providers in Vietnam frequently threaten to close down bookmaker’s websites accessing line. If you are a Vietnamese player and having trouble accessing the url  online betting site, you can completely change your international network IP address to gain access.

It has proven to be the most viable tactic for players worldwide, not only in Vietnam. There are a few steps to change your IP as follows:

Step 1: Open the “Control Panel” on your computer and select “Network & Internet.”

Step 2: After selecting “Network Center,” click “Next.”

Step 3: From the “Change adapter settings” menu, select “Ethernet and properties.”

Step 4: When the computer changes to “Internet Protocol version,” click “Properties.” You can now change the IP address of your machine in real time. Return to CASINO for a complete list of accessible addresses!

Mobile phone procedures are nearly identical to computer procedures. Go to the App Store to update your IP address on iOS. You’ll need to download an app to make updating DNS on Android easier and faster.

Hide your IP address by using spoofing software

Fake IP softwares, such as the steps outlined above, will produce the same results at a faster rate. You can connect to AE888.NET and any other website blocked by network providers through using third-party software to create a bogus IP address. Vietpn, OpenVpn, and other similar terms are used to describe certain software. You can find the download URL on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Baidu…

AE888.NET’s backup connections can be used

Don’t get too worked up if you’ve followed all of the steps but are still unable to access the betting websites. We’ll show you the unblocked AE888.NET URL from our Fb page and social group (also called as the backup link). Remember that in the event of an emergency, the AE888.NET bookmaker always offers a backup linkage to loyal members. We make every effort to provide the most pleasurable and constant gaming experience possible.

Turn off other softwares

There are many softwares that could be potential threats to the working of website. They could be system softwares, anti-virus programs or some third-party softwares that has been unintentionally installed in your computer before. So, please check again in your personal computer’s programs list to make sure you are not turning on any strange softwares that block the operation of This process is the same if you access on smartphone. Check your phone carefully and turn of any unnecessary applications before trying to access again.


These are simple ways to fix the problem of being unable to access website. We are working on it hours by hours to bring our customers the most stable betting experience. But before that, please do as we have suggested.

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