How Professional Poker Players Win Online Tournaments

If you have spent any time playing poker in the last couple of decades, you should know at least one thing for sure by now; the best players finish deep and win tournaments consistently.

Now, the question is, ‘how do you become one of those players?’ Well, it doesn’t happen overnight. But with a little bit of study, practice, and these 8 tips for beating WPT poker tournaments (as well as others), you can certainly start moving towards becoming a better online tourney player:

Tip 1: Pick the Proper Tournaments for Your Bankroll

Although it seems like this should go without saying, it doesn’t go without saying; don’t play tournaments with buy-ins that are too expensive for your bankroll. You should have the money to play at least 20 tournaments, including rebuys/add-ons.

Tip 2: Play Multiple Tables to Maximize Opportunities

Professional players play more tournaments at a time than just one. If you are just easing into multi-tabling, then it’s best to start with just one extra table. If you are experienced at playing several tables, play as many as you can comfortably, as often as possible.

Tip 3: Shut Down Tables as You Run Deeper into Others

Don’t keep starting new tournaments if you run deep in a few. When you have the chance for a big payout, it is worth devoting all of your attention to those games.

Tip 4: Keep Notes on Your Opponents

People who regularly play tournaments also usually play around the same buy-in levels. That means you will encounter the same players over and over. Take notes on them and reference them every chance you get.

Tip 5: Utilize Your 5-Minute Breaks Efficiently 

Most players don’t realize how important those little breaks are every hour. Use it to clear your mind, get something to drink or snack on, and visit the facilities (if necessary).

Tip 6: Always Use a HUD When Possible

Although not all sites allow heads-up displays, many do. It is a complete game-changer when you can utilize this advantage (as most pros do).

Tip 7: Eliminate Unnecessary Distractions

There is no reason to make it harder than necessary to go deep in a WPT poker tournament. If you are in a high-traffic or loud area, chances are something distracting will be happening in a critical moment. Find a nice, quiet place to play where you can concentrate.

Tip 8: Shoot Your Shot More Often in Bounty Tournaments

When you play in bounty tournaments, you need to loosen up your play a little bit and take more chances to stack opponents. This is because this tournament rewards aggression by eliminating opposing players rather than outlasting them and moving up the ladder.

WPT Poker Tournaments Are Among the Favorites of Players Seeking Value

When gamblers talk about “value,” they are referring to the risk/reward aspect of any game. When it comes to poker, an online tournament’s value is based on factors such as buy-in amount, player field size, blind structures, available prizes, and many others.

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