Entertainment services of Kubet7

Entertainment services of Kubet7

Join a world-class online casino

It can be said that online casino is our leading strength with the name THA Casino and we welcome thousands of new player joining everyday. This increasing number of loyal and new players is the motivation for us to develop more interesting games.

In THABET online casino, we have many beautiful MCs to connect directly with players and bring the most comfortable moments to them.

Along with the beautiful interface, THA also shows the class of a big bookmaker. The proof is the transparent bets and satisfy all the needs of gamblers. In here, they can experience and test, evaluate in many different ways. So, we are always confident to be honest and transparent in each bet.

Traditional games at THA casino

We all know that games we’ve played since chilhood possess an invisible attraction to us. No matter how old you are, you always want to find that childish feeling again and again. So, please stick with us in the traditional games section at THAbet.

Dice shaking

With this extremely interesting folk game, you will be playing with stuning Vietnamese MCs. The form of this game is simple and with quick operation, you will surely have an enjoyable entertainment time.


Of course, when it comes to offline or online Casino, this game cannot be ignored. Baccarat can be said to be an infinite legend in betting games. Currently, this is the most favorable game at THABET with the service of many beautiful Chinese MCs avatar!


Yes, another folk game for players to choose. Sicbo is the game that has been originated in ancient China from many centuries ago. The actual model of the game is casual card game. Therefore, if you are passionate about Chinese martial arts movies, you will often see martial arts heroes playing this game. As long as you stick to the game, it will certainly be an interesting experience.


This is depicted to be one of the oldest card games in the world. If gamblers desire to participate in this game, then they should learn about how to play in advance so as not to be surprised. It’s really not as simple as many players think.

In addition, at THAbet you can also participate in many other online casino games. Please visit the Casino section of the website to read more articles about each of our games!

Sports bet at THA casino

The THAbet casino bookie offers many popular types of sports betting. According to recent statistics, 80% of players bet on the field of football and other popular sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Ice-Hockey and even Esports.

The reason for players to choose to bet on football here is because the website is designed with an eye-catching, easy-to-operate and convenient interface. Besides, the bookie offers you extremely attractive odds and payouts which are considered as the highest among all bookies.

Everyday, at the website THAcasino.page , the leading experts in the field of football will judge and helps players bet on all kind of football matches. We hope you find it helpful and join us later.

Lottery at THA casino

Try your luck at THA Lottery with a traditional lottery type (from 3 regions of Vietnam) with the ratio fluctuates from 1 to 99. Players should know that to build a good image in the view of customers is not easy, so surely the THABET CASINO  bookie is not foolish to lose that precious thing.

Besides, THA777 lottery also offers many types of attractive online lotteries as well as VIP lottery and quick lottery. Especially, THAbet bookie has launched the program “Direct live-stream with hot girls” for players to join the conversation with beautiful MCs and relish the moments.

We hope that the luck is always with you guys.

The outstanding advantages of the THAbet bookie

Beautiful website interface

The THAbet bookie possesses a gorgeous, user-friendly interface that supports perfectly on all computer and phone versions. Besides, the website layout is clear with eye-catching colors and surely convenient for users.

If compared with big bookies like Jun88, W88, Mig8, Loto188 or many other bookies, the THAbet interface can be said to be the most convenient and user-friendly one.

Confidentiality of customer information

Today, participating in online games often carries a high risk of losing personal information. This situation sometimes bothers alot when you playing. Hence, understanding that, the THA bookie has absolutely focused on information security for all players.

In this bookmaker, all customer information is encrypted and stored securely, even the staff can hardly get into it. We ensure that all personal information of users is always private and not exposed to any third party.

24/7 professional team of consultants

So far, our company has built a customer support team that is always rated as the best of all online bookmakers. We surely bring satisfaction to customers with this professionally trained, methodical and highly qualified support team.

On the other hand, you can contact THAbet casino customer support department 24/7 for a prompt support. Contact channels can be via Zalo number 02899986699 or directly via the chat box in the lower right corner of the THAbet casino website’s screen.

The hottest deals and promotions

What brings credibility and prestige to the THAbet brand is gratitude as well as attractive promotions for players. Therefore, THABet’s customer preferential policy will not let you down.

For new players, the company applies many special promotions like welcome bonus or first deposit and so on. You can contact us for more specific detail and the best advice.

Fastest deposit and withdrawal process

THA Bet gives players peace of mind and convenience with a professional deposit and withdrawal service. This is the most prestigious bookmaker today thanks to a system of links with many banks such as ACB, SCB, VCB, etc. In here, we also accept Internet banking and ATM services.

In short, All your deposit and withdrawal operations will be done within 3 minutes. Customers will not have to wait long to experience the hottest games at this most prestigious online bookmaker in Asia.


After having read this article, you will understand more about the THABET bookie and have your own decision. We hope you will have a relaxing time with us. And, if you have any questions, please contact the website’s customer service anytime you want. We sincerely thank you for your interest and experience.

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