Discover the Power of INEED Motors: Small Gear Motors with Endless Possibilities for Personalization

INEED Motors offers a remarkable range of small gear motors, including their standard 6mm plastic planetary gear head. These gear heads are designed to provide exceptional performance in compact applications. With customizable options and precise dimensions, INEED Motors ensures that their small gear motors meet the specific requirements of diverse projects. Whether you need a standard gear head or prefer customizable features such as a round shaft or different connection modes, INEED Motors has you covered.

Standard 6mm Plastic Planetary Gear Head Dimensions

INEED Motors‘ standard planetary gear head features a D-shaped plastic output shaft. The shaft measures 2 mm in diameter with a section that is flattened by 0.5 mm. The “D” portion of the shaft is 2.5 mm long, providing a secure connection point for various applications. These standardized dimensions ensure compatibility and ease of integration, making them suitable for a wide range of projects.

Customizable Options: Round Shaft

INEED Motors understands that certain applications may require specific shaft configurations. To cater to these needs, they offer customizable options, such as a round shaft. This allows engineers and designers to select a gear motor with a round output shaft instead of the standard D-shaped shaft. The round shaft provides flexibility in connection methods and can be easily adapted to suit different project requirements.

Customizable Options: Connection Mode

INEED Motors also provides customizable connection modes for their small gear motors. Depending on your project’s needs, you can choose the most suitable connection mode, ensuring seamless integration with your system. Whether it’s wire connections, terminal blocks, or other preferred connection methods, INEED Motors offers the flexibility to customize the gear motor to match your specific requirements.


INEED Motors empowers engineers and designers with their customizable options for small gear motors. Their standard 6mm plastic planetary gear head features precise dimensions, ensuring compatibility with various applications. Additionally, INEED Motors provides customizable features such as a round shaft and different connection modes, allowing for seamless integration and adaptability to specific project needs. Whether you require standard gear heads or prefer personalized options, INEED Motors has the expertise and versatility to deliver gear motors that meet and exceed your expectations. Choose INEED Motors for small gear motors that offer both performance and customization options tailored to your project’s requirements.

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