7 Luxury Watch Myths You Should Never Believe

7 Luxury Watch Myths You Should Never Believe

The world of luxury watches is a controversial one. Whether or not you are new to the hobby, you have undoubtedly heard plenty of myths floating around the Internet or coming from friends and fellow enthusiasts. Some myths may hold some truth, while others could be nothing but a load of baloney. Don’t worry, though! Any fascinating hobby like watch-collecting will always have its popular list of hearsay. That’s why it’s essential to be familiar with the common myths so you wouldn’t fall for them.

We’re running down on seven myths about luxury watches that you should know in this post. Hopefully, knowing these myths won’t stop you from investing in a stunning Oris divers watch or any dream watch you may have. And it would also help give you sound judgment on your next purchase. So, who’s ready to bust some myths? Let’s get started!

  1. Luxury Watches Are Expensive

Let’s face the music. For the majority, any luxury watch will always look expensive since you will buy it upfront. This hobby, no doubt, will be even more costly if you plan to buy luxury watches regularly. Regardless if it will be one of many–or if it’s going to be the purchase of a lifetime–you will always have to consider the long haul.

Thanks to modern technology, luxury watches are durable enough to last for many lifetimes. So long as you aren’t careless with it, service it every five or seven years, and always maintain proper storage, you can expect to enjoy it for life. Once you learn the ropes of keeping it in good condition, it is even possible that your kids will get to wear it when they get older.

Let’s try to do some math. Say you buy a luxury watch that costs about 5,000USD and that you and at least one of your kids would use it for a sum of seventy years. It’s like paying only 70USD per year while enjoying a prestigious model from a well-established watch brand. Not to mention the priceless memories you will make with the timepiece over the decades. When you consider things long-term, you will surely see the value in a luxury watch and its practicality, compared to buying a 200USD watch and needing to replace it every two or so years.

  1. All Luxury Watches Must Always Be Expensive

Another misconception many people make is that all luxury watches are always expensive. Luckily though, it isn’t quite the case–so don’t worry about breaking the bank. For example, you can spend only 1,700USD and score watches like the NOMOS Glashutte Orion; or the Cartier Tank Solo for 2,500USD.

Even watches at these price points can be highly versatile on special occasions or as an everyday watch.

  1. Buying a Luxury Watch Is Just for Show

Indeed, a luxury watch can make any person look more dashing. However, it does more than serve as a status symbol. It may seem to be the case, but many first impressions among entrepreneurs and people in business are thanks to the rapport that a luxury watch can give.

A luxury timepiece on your wrist shows that you are a person of class and culture who appreciates fine craftsmanship and sophisticated timekeeping. It can signify that you mean business and make the most out of your time.

This minuscule part of your professional outfit can make a significant difference in closing a deal or building future partners in the business or your field of expertise.

  1. Any Luxury Watch Is Difficult to Maintain

The common misconception of some watch-wearers is that, since luxury watches are expensive, the watch better works for you and not the other way around.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Whether you own quartz or a mechanical watch, keeping an expensive masterpiece like that is similar to entering a relationship. Treat it right, and it will give you the service you need. Its performance and longevity can even go beyond your expectations.

If it’s an automatic watch, do your best to avoid shock or harsh impacts. And if it’s a mechanical watch, don’t forget to wind it at least once a month when not in use. Or if it’s a quartz watch, remember only to get servicing from reputable or official stores to keep its original parts from getting stolen.

  1. There Is No Second-Hand Market

The funny thing about this myth is that many enthusiasts sometimes quickly sell some of their timepieces and regret doing so in the long run. Nonetheless, busting this myth leaves you with better problems, right? If you want to be successful in selling your luxury watch, be sure to look into brands that do well in the second-hand market. No-brainer options are Rolex or TAG Heuer, and some of the relatively cheaper options are Oris watches.

Resting assured that an excellent second-hand market can give you the peace of mind that you will have no problems in the future if you want to declutter some pieces from your collection or if you are facing a financial emergency.

  1. It’s Better to Use a Smartwatch

As an owner or collector of luxury watches, it’s essential to know your priorities. There is a rich array of options for luxury smartwatches–which can provide features such as health monitoring, fitness challenges, and mobile connectivity. Smartwatches can conveniently assist you in reaching emergency contacts if you get into an accident or other untoward situations. They can make a vital part of your lifestyle, especially if you are a fitness buff.

However, if you don’t wish your wrist to buzz every second your phone gets a notification, a more straightforward partnership would be with a traditional luxury watch–a partnership that only involves you, time, and no other distractions.

  1. It’s Difficult to Buy Luxury Watches

Perhaps back in the day, getting a luxury watch was more difficult because you would need to visit a physical store for one. You’d be lucky if you have one nearby, but you may need to drive an hour or two to get to the closest boutique in other cases. If an official store is too far away, finding trusted watch boutiques that sell authentic timepieces would be another challenge.

Thankfully, the Internet made it easy to bust this myth. Regardless of where you live, you can always enjoy international shipping from trusted online shops like WatchShopping.com. This option is extra convenient if you already know which timepiece you want to get. You get the peace of mind that you won’t fall for a scam or get fake watches if you obtain them from reliable online shops.


Have you ever fallen for any of these myths? If so, it can be so relieving to now know what myth is from fact. We trust that this post has helped guide you towards your next luxury watch. If you’d like to know more brand new and preloved timepieces, check out WatchShopping.com for amazing deals and discounts!

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