10 Gorgeous Back Tattoos For Women

10 Gorgeous Back Tattoos For Women

Tattoos might have a stigma attached to them, but today’s generation finds them empowering. They are seen as a medium to express oneself and tell a story. 

While a group of people might get a similar tattoo, it might hold a completely different meaning for each one of them. And that’s the beauty of a tattoo. They are personal, and each carries meaning and a story known only to its bearer. 

Our body is a canvas and gives us several options to get a beautiful tattoo like arm, wrist, neck and several others. 

Most women get a tattoo on their wrist and the back of their neck. While these are good places to get a tattoo, but they don’t offer you the freedom to cover it up when you want.

One place that gives you the flexibility to hide your tattoo is your back. In fact, it also gives one more surface area to get a gorgeous tattoo. 

The internet is full of different types of tattoos—tattoos that symbolize strength, tattoos that symbolize freedom, tattoos that symbolize positivity, and so many more. So, we looked for the best tattoos for girls and made this list for you!

Now, scroll through and look at these gorgeous tattoos for girls. 

Dragon tattoo

Dragons are mythical creatures whose mentions can be seen in several cultures around the world. A dragon tattoo looks fierce and is one of those tattoos that symbolize strength. You can get this tattoo in black ink or any other colour you like.

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A bunch of flowers tattoo

Flower tattoos are very famous among girls. While every flower carries a different meaning, they all look beautiful. This giant bouquet on the back is definitely one of our favourites!

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Rising Phoenix tattoo

A phoenix is a mythical creature that bursts into flames and comes back to life three days later. So, this tattoo often represents life and a new beginning. And it looks stunning!

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Koi fish tattoo

A Koi is a beautiful and colourful fish with an intriguing story. The tale has it that one Koi fish swam against the current of a river, and on reaching the top, transformed into a dragon. Therefore, a Koi fish tattoo symbolizes perseverance and overcoming struggles in life. One of the beautiful tattoos that symbolize strength.

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A beautiful quote tattoo

Do you love a particular quote or some saying you live by in life? Then consider getting it inked on your back. This tattoo on the spine looks minimal and gorgeous!

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Lotus Tattoo

This tattoo is one of the most famous tattoos for girls. It is feminine, beautiful and looks even better when done nicely on the back. As for the meaning, it symbolizes transformation and spiritual awakening.

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Dream catcher tattoo

A dream catcher is a beautiful object that catches bad dreams and lets the good dreams and spirits go through. Therefore, a dream catcher tattoo symbolizes protection and safety. This tattoo looks beautiful, and you can even get it done in various other colours

Image Source: Pinterest

Wings tattoo

While there are different types of wing tattoos that one can get, they often symbolize freedom and ones ability to break free from the shackles of life. It looks stunning, and you should definitely consider this one if you are a free-spirited woman.

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Colourful butterfly tattoo

If you want a simple, colourful tattoo, then this is the one for you! A butterfly tattoo usually symbolizes hope, change and resilience. So, get these beautiful butterflies flying across your back. Definitely a good option for back tattoo women!

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Solar system tattoo

If you love astronomy or find it fascinating, then this stunning solar system tattoo is the one for you. You can even get a colourful version of this tattoo, but make sure you get it on your spine!

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