Which are the best eCommerce Platforms in 2022?

Here if we talk about e-commerce, then it is a process that allows us to buy or sell products or online services electronically over the internet. If you are yourself working as a provider or user of various eCommerce platforms then with these, you can easily be able to set up your online store as well as sell products. Click Here to create a free account and start trading bitcoin on a reliable trading platform.

There are more than thousands of different eCommerce options out there around the world today, and choosing “one” can get you confused. That’s why we, in this blog, bring you a variety of options to choose from that have different prices to help you out. In addition, it is available in all budget types.

Choosing a good platform

If you have faced any trouble in choosing a reliable and best platform or you are finding it difficult to set up your site, then here we have listed some important tips that you need to understand.

  • Technical Support
  • Mobile Friendly site
  • Fair Price Point
  • Go for an SEO-Friendly Approach
  • Should be easy to navigate
  • Detailed and a good analysis
  • Various payment options (Card and PayPal)

Here we have discussed the top 5 best e-commerce platforms.


Shift4Shop is considered to be one of the oldest providers in the market today. Earlier it was also known as 3dcart. Moreover, nowadays, it is getting more likes and appreciation due to the stimulating prosperity it offers to the customers and its ongoing innovation. It is even capable of providing its customers with an innovative gift offering for their purchases. It includes features like coupons and newsletters which people can like more.

  1. Shopify

Shopify, which you have probably heard of before, although it is currently used by most people. It started around the year 2006. Also, it has involved a fair-share amount of changes and touch-ups if we talk about its approach and design. Although it is being liked a lot by the people because it can be started easily in no time. It is a highly developed and preferred one to acquire its feature of accepting a wide range of credit cards. All are reliable and super-fast you can manage your store anytime you want using Shopify’s mobile apps.

  1. WIX

Talking about Wix, it is available as a website builder as well as an e-commerce solution, which is considered to be one of the most popular types in the market today. You can use it for small businesses. It does not require in-depth knowledge or major management of the site. Also, no coding skills are required. It is considered great for newcomers to this business and is also highly user-friendly.

  1. CoreCommerce

Here if we talk about CoreCommerce, then it is a brand and platform which was started in the year 2001. Its main objective is to provide you with the best service for your business through its transparent and simple approach. Although the site is easy and simple to use, it has no hidden fees. Moreover, what makes it stand out is that each of these features is able to be provided to every customer, irrespective of the plan, making the user experience budget-friendly. This includes features such as included product management, fancy store design, order processing, and marketing additions.

How do you know who works best and who can be trusted?

If you are considering starting a business and setting up a site, first make sure that you have chosen the best plan and a good solution that is working for you. However, what if you’re not sure where to find the best one? Also looking to get an affordable solution and compare prices, then visiting intelligencenode.com provides you with price comparison as well as various competitors with just a touch of a button. Proprietary Intelligence Node that patented price comparison engine and AI analytics enables retailers and brands to check and monitor competitive prices across their thousands of SKUs.

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