What is SECockpit Read my Review to Discover How The Keyword Tool Works

What is SECockpit? – Read my Review to Discover How The Keyword Tool Works

What is SECockpit? More Importantly, How Will The Keyword Tool be a Benefit to Your Online Biz? Discover my Review, Right Here!

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have already heard of SECockpit! If you haven’t, don’t worry because I will explain just how the tool can help you to build a successful business online and make money. Read my review for more…

Welcome to SECockpit – a Swiss Made Keyword Platform

A company known by the name of “Swiss Made Marketing” was founded in 2010.

And consists of a team of highly skilled as well as dedicated people from Switzerland who oversee SECockpit which is a highly effective keyword research tool intended for all types of online business owners to maximize their sales and profits through leveraging the power of “keywords” and the No.1 search engine page results.

According to the Swiss team’s figures. Well over 30,000 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts and online Entrepreneurs have discovered the astonishing power of the SECockpit research platform!

PROS & CONS of The Swiss Tool

There is no such thing as the “perfect” keyword research tool, so let’s look at a few Good and Bad points…


  • Fast keyword results are displayed
  • Requires no installation because it’s web-based
  • There’s a mobile APP for on the go and saves your results on the desktop version too
  • A Free “Rank Checker” bonus tool when you upgrade to Pro or Agency membership
  • A 30 day “risk-free” money-back guarantee is offered


  • There is no free trial to test it out first
  • All membership options are overpriced
  • Poor “limited” features with Personal and Pro plans. Especially for the money, you pay

Can You Benefit From SECockpit? – Who’s it Really For?

If you fall under any of the categories below, then SECockpit is for you! The following people will benefit from the tool…

  • SEO experts
  • Bloggers
  • E-commerce website owners. Shopify store owners, for example
  • Freelancers
  • Internet Entrepreneurs
  • SEO companies
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisers
  • Online Marketers

Even if you’re contemplating a new online business start-up, even better!

Do You Get Trained to Use The Tool?

You are provided with an in-depth training manual, videos to help start you off on the right footing, and also various other video training which covers using the different software tools.

If that’s not enough, you also have access to a video training series, covering other aspects of SEO and the monetization of your website or blog.

What Software Features Are There to Use?

#1 – Fast Keyword Research

SECockpit will return up to 200 keywords per minute, it works at high speed, won’t slow down your computer, and will never get your IP blocked by Google because it’s “cloud-based” software.

#2 – Find More Keyword Opportunities

Discover “long-tail” keyword variations from the Google Adwords Planner tool by using the Google Suggest Scraper feature. This will uncover a sea of overlooked keyword phrases by others who are targeting the same niche market as you.

#3 – Filter Keyword Phrases

Locate the keyword phrases with the most amount of traffic, the lowest competition figures, and the highest online revenue opportunities. Use the special filter to make the best and most effective keyword phrase choices possible for your marketing campaigns.

#4 – Analyze SEO Data

Gain insights into SEO data to discover the competition results for every keyword. You will find out exactly what your competition is doing for page 1 rankings in Google by analyzing their data. Or “spying”, as I prefer to call it!

#5 – SEO Projects

SECockpit will create a list of SEO tasks for you to accomplish. You have the ability to start new keyword campaigns and record your activities as you move forward with your projects on the internet.

#6 – Rank Checker (BONUS) Tool

Access to the Rank Checker feature is only available when you choose the Pro or Agency membership price plans. This provides you with website keyword rank tracking data that gives you an exact indication of where your online content is ranking within Google’s search engine page results for the long tail keywords chosen by you!

What Level of Help and Support Do You Receive?

There are 2 levels of help available to you through the support page.

  • Enter a search term for help with various topics on the keyword tool
  • Create and submit a new support ticket for help from the Swiss team

For additional assistance, I recommend following the team on Twitter (@SwissMadeMrkt).

How Much Will SECockpit Set You Back?

If you want to become an SECockpit keyword research platform user, there are 3 pricing levels to choose from:

  • PERSONAL = $40 per month or $339 for the year
  • PRO = $80 per month or $599 for the year
  • AGENCY = $120 per month or $899 for the year

My Thoughts on The SECockpit Keyword Research Platform

SECockpit is indeed a quick keyword tool for finding long-tail keyword phrases, and absolutely thrashes the pants off the Market Samurai as well as the Long Tail Pro keyword software (speed wise) any day!

Which to be fair isn’t difficult in the slightest since they are both “computer-based” software tools, which I hate with a passion!

I love how SECockpit is “web-based”, which makes it run quicker and smoother, without interfering with the performance of my computer and also getting my (IP) a good hard slap in the face by Google!

The APP is a pretty cool addition too, which means I can conduct my keyword research on my Samsung smartphone in my town’s local coffee shop or anywhere else I prefer, without being stapled to my chair at the computer desk.

However, I really do dislike the fact that all 3 membership options are at “rip-off” prices, and there are very “limited” features that come with both Personal and Pro levels.

As for the “bonus” free Rank Checker tool, it’s just another marketing trick to persuade you to fork out more money for membership fees.

The rank checking feature should be included with every membership option, just as it is with the Jaaxy keyword research tool I use.

SECockpit is a fantastic keyword tool on the market. But when it comes to price-wise and feature-wise, you can do a whole lot better!

There is one keyword tool that offers a Free trial, costs far less for membership upgrades, is unbeatable value for money, offers every feature you need (even a Google ranking tool) regardless of your membership level, and is the best you will ever lay your hands on online!

If you have any further questions to ask or feedback you wanna leave on the SECockpit tool, then please post your comments below this review. Thank You!

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